A Guide To Collar Stays The Need For Collar Stays

A Guide To Collar Stays: The Need For Collar Stays

It is no secret that most men find it difficult to maintain the look of their collars. The collar themselves tend to lose their look and crispness over time. This can be caused due to frequent wearing and washing. It is usually the collar that is at the forefront of making a favorable impression. A badly maintained one is bound to dent the personality of the wearer.

Retaining the Look

Collar stays address the need of making collars appear crisp and hard all the time. Also known as collar stiffeners, they are smooth and firm and are available in different materials like metal, plastic, horn, mother of pearl, and other materials. Collar stays are generally pointed shaped at one end and feature a curve on the other.

Collar stiffeners stabilize the ends of the collars, thereby giving them a defined look. They are inserted in the pockets, which are specially provided beneath the collar of a shirt. Collar stays also ensure that the shirt’s collar appears flat against the collar bone.

Wide-Ranging Variety

Collar stays are available in different variants depending upon the need and price. A stiffener for a frequently worn shirt will differ from the one used in a more expensive and lesser-used shirt.

It is advisable to go with a removable collar stay in case of an expensive shirt. These stays provide for easy removal and insertion. There are two major drawbacks of removal stays. The first is that they are priced higher than the permanent ones. This is so because they are of a higher quality. The second drawback is that these collar stays should be removed during washing and ironing. If they are not removed, the shirt can get totally spoiled.

Permanent stiffeners are generally the preferred choice for shirts that are worn more frequently. These stiffeners remove the hassle of inserting and removing collar stays daily. These can be sewn under the pockets beneath the collar and do not require removal while washing.

Get Them Today

One can purchase these vital accessories at clothing or fabric stores. There are a lot of websites that offer shirt collar stays at competitive prices. However, before one buys a collar stiffener, it is essential to determine the type of collar that stays useful. Moreover, it is advisable to prepare a budget forehand before making a selection. This will help in making an appropriate choice of collar stays.

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