7 Do’s And Don’ts Of First Time Dating

7 Do’s and Don’ts of First Time Dating

Dating is a fantastic thing as you get to share feelings with someone else. Going for a first date can be either challenging or exciting. Most people get nervous about their first dates. It would be best if you let that feeling go and enjoy the moment.

It is not a test, and no one will penalize you if you don’t get it right. However, by the end of the day, you will get the experience of how it goes. Most people don’t forget their first moments of almost everything. Here are some of the things that you should have in mind.

1. Don’t Go Dirty

First-time impressions are very crucial. Even if you meet the person on social media, they will first judge you by the profile. You can join one of the social media platforms such as Instagram.

If you are still new, you can buy Instagram followers, and you will get more people viewing your content. The first thing your followers will see is your profile. That is why you need to take a clean and well-dressed photo.

If you are meeting the person for a date, take a good shower before you leave. Consider applying some perfume on you so that it can enhance your smell. Also, choose the clothes you will wear wisely.

Please make sure they are in good condition and are also clean. It will be of no effect if you took a shower but then dress in dirty and unkempt clothes. Additionally, look at yourself before the mirror of sending a friend your photo to give you their opinion.

Getting another view will increase your confidence, and you will get the opportunity to change before you turn up to the date.

2. Keep Time

Timekeeping is an essential skill. Even on an interview, you can lose a lot of marks for turning up late. You need to maintain a good profile on a first-time date. Even if you turn up clean and with a good dressing code, your date may feel disappointed if you come in late.

It will be even worse if you are late for the meal or if it becomes cold. That will be wasted money, and you may not enjoy a cold meal. Your date can also consider it as a bad sign for the future. Thus, ensure you set your alarm and get there even earlier than the Time you both agreed upon.

7 Do’s and Don’ts of First Time Dating

3. Don’t Eat before Your Partner’s Arrival

This point is mainly for those who are going on a date at a restaurant. It will be a bad picture when your date finds that you have already tasted the food. It can even be worse if you have finished eating before they can even order theirs.

It would be best if you minded your table manners on your first time date. Your date may assume you to be a glutton or selfish since you did not wait for them. As much as you may try to be free and comfortable with them, ensure you mind your manners.

4. Prepare Your Food on Time

This point is for those who are having indoor dates. If you have decided to cook for your first time date, make sure it is good enough. Ensure you cook it like one hour before the guest arrives.

You can then preserve it on the cooker at low temperatures so that they can find the food still hot or warm. Also, don’t make the mistake of serving burnt food or uncooked meal. Make sure it is good enough for them to eat.

As mentioned earlier, a first-time impression is very crucial. So if you decide to cook for your guest, make sure it is sweet, well-cooked, and has a good taste.

5. Don’t Ask the Lady to Pay

This mistake is most common to men. If you ask a girl out for a date, you should be the one to pay for it. Don’t split the bill or ask her to pay for the food. That will ruin the profile for you, and she may not agree to turn up for a second date.

You will make the lady brand you as a stingy and ungenerous man, and that will not be a good profile for you. Plus, the man will be seen to be irresponsible in paying his bills. Agree to pay for what the lady chooses to eat, and you can even be kind enough to buy her an ice cream or chocolate after the date.

6. Don’t Ask Her to Do the Dishes

It is epically for men who invite ladies over for a first-time date. Avoid being too comfortable to the extent you ruin the date for yourself. If you have decided to have an indoor date, be the one to cook and wash the dishes after the meal.

However, if you start requesting the girl to help you cook or wash the dishes, she may not return. Not all ladies like helping out with house chores. Thus, not unless she is the one who wants to help you out, please don’t ask her to do it.

7. Mind Your Conversations

This point is very crucial. Your first time date can be more of knowing each other. There are things that you should avoid doing. For one, avoid asking personal questions. Mind the questions you are asking. There are some personal questions that people like keeping to themselves.

Secondly, don’t let the conversation be more of yourself. If you are only talking about yourself, then you should not have had the date in the first place. It would be best if you had stayed alone. But now that you are together, let her also say something about herself. Make it a dialogue, not a monologue.

Thirdly, please don’t ask about her past relationships or talk about yours too much. It is your first Time knowing each other. So you can either choose to keep the conversation professional or talk about the general things only.

In Conclusion

Not all dates are the same. However, first-time dates are very crucial because they will remain in your mind. Thus, if it was good, it will be memorable. But if it was terrible, you may not come back from that. Therefore, consider having the above points as your guide.



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