Getting The Hairstyle You Want

Getting the Hairstyle You Want

When it comes to getting the hairstyle you want, be sure to KNOW what you want! Often you see a style on a famous personality and think, I LOVE her hair and want mine cut ‘just like that,’ but do you? What type of time commitment does it take between visits to the salon?

What is your daily schedule like?

Are you a get-up and go type of girl, or do you enjoy playing with your hair to get it ‘just right’ every morning? Are you ‘all thumbs’ with a curling iron or blow dryer?

Tips for Communicating with Your Stylist

These are the things you need to communicate with your stylist about BEFORE that first snip is taken! Communication is the real key, but not just saying you want a trim, but how much of a trim, 1/4 inch? Three inches all over? The a big difference here. Be sure you both have the same definition of ‘trim’ in mind.

Give your stylist some respect and credit for knowing what he or she is doing. Take a picture of the ‘celebrity do’ in and first ask if it will work with your type of hair! Some hair types do better cut differently. The texture and current condition of your hair will make a difference in how the final style looks. Maybe your stylist can suggest tweaking the cut to suit your hair texture and condition better. ( You may end up liking it better than the ‘Ms. Famous’ look!)

Communicate during the cut as well, ask or confirm the top needs to be this long, right?

Waiting until you see all the hair on the floor around you to clarify what you ‘meant’ to tell her is too late.

Watch how your stylist is finishing your hairstyle there in the salon, ask questions so you can achieve the same results at home after your first shampoo. Are there different ways you can style your hair with your new cut? Have your stylist take time to show you some ideas or suggest ideas to try at home.

Do you like the products she is using on your hair? Ask for samples and how much to use to achieve the same results. Most salons sell the hairstyle products they use, so ask questions about the products as well as your style!

If all attempts to give specific instructions and clear communication fails to get you the desired look, don’t despair! Hair ALWAYS grows back! Until then, get a wig, hat, or good sense of humor!

Thank you for reading!

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