Happn vs Tinder – Which one to go with in 2021?✅

The dating trend has spread to every corner of the world like a giant web. Every individual, whether single or in a relationship, has at least once tried a dating app, even if it was casual. With the emergence of multiple apps, it has become difficult for users to choose the best one. Here’s a detailed comparison between the two most popular apps- Happn vs Tinder. Let’s check out the pros and cons of each of these.

Happn vs Tinder

Basic features

Tinder and Happn allow you to sign up for free. It is very easy to just fill in your details and connect your Facebook accounts with these apps. However, in order to get a greater number of features, you need to upgrade to their premium versions. Tinder calls it Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold while Happn just calls it a premium membership. The cost of accessing the extra features ranges from 10$-30$ for both the apps. 


Communication methods in Happn vs Tinder

Well, both apps have pretty great communication features. In Tinder, you are presented with a list of Tinder users and there, you can choose who to swipe right and whom to swipe left.

However, in Happn, you are presented with a list of people who reside, or at some point, we’re near your location. This makes the process much more organic as you might remember seeing that person at some point in the day.

In Tinder, you cannot save a profile to think about and decide whether you want to choose it or not. You either have to choose the person right away or discard the profile. Suppose you look up a profile and you like the guy or the girl in it. But just liking is not enough. If you are looking for something serious, you might want to think about it before proceeding further. But unfortunately, Tinder does not have the feature to just let the profile be for a while. 

Happn, on the other hand, is user-friendly in this respect. Since you might somehow know the profile you are looking at, you can feel a mental connection before you read about the profile. Also, Happn lets you save the profile so that you can take your time and then send a message. It is pretty great, isn’t it?


Getting attention on Happn and Tinder

There are millions of people who scroll and choose a particular profile. From the chosen profile’s point of view, it can get quite overwhelming to go through all the requests. So, if you particularly want to drive someone’s attention towards you, what do you do? Well, Tinder and Happn have an answer for that as well.

 The Super-Like feature in Tinder gives you the privilege to attract your interest.   In order to  Super-like, you need to swipe up rather than left or right. When you Super-like, the person you are interested in will get to see a blue badge near your profile picture. This will help in drawing the attention of the target individual towards you. 

In Happn, the feature to attract particular individuals is termed as Charm. Yes, you send Charms to people you really like. If your target individual likes you back, then it’s called a ‘Crush’ and you both can start chatting with each other. The best part about happiness is that you can send Charms even while using the free version. 

On the other hand, you can send multiple Super-likes on Tinder only if you have access to the premium membership. In the free version, you can only send one Super-like in a day. Also, in a free version, the number of likes you get a day is limited. This number increases exponentially (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration) with Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.


Exposure to people

It is easy mathematics that the more people you are exposed to, the more chances you have of finding a life partner. Tinder was a rage when it released and now it has over 50 million users. Happn is relatively new and hence, the user count is quite low. It has about 10 million users but the count is steadily growing.

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Though there are innumerable dating apps right now, Tinder still remains the most talked about. Every individual has his/her first exposure to dating apps through Tinder. It is the truth, isn’t it? Naturally, the traffic on Tinder seems to remain high all time. But, be it a casual fling or a permanent liking, you need to get with just one person. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to pick up the right partner. After all, the brain gets confused when it is presented with innumerable choices. Hence, in order to make the right move, you can suffice with less than a million people. More is less, always.



Let’s be honest. Tinder profiles have too little information to form a solid idea about any person. It just specifies the name, birthday, short description, and all the impersonal stuff. So, when you intend to match with a person, you don’t really know what you are signing up for. For shy and introverted people, it can be really difficult to mix and talk with people they barely know.  Also, you might not want to get close to a stranger all of a sudden.

Happn has realized this problem and has several ways to compensate for it. The first thing it does is that it shows you people within 250 meters of your current location. This will give you a list of people you already know or have at least come across. Secondly, Happn lets you play games with your Crush. There are a bunch of questions you both need to answer in order to know each other better. What kind of games were you thinking? Not real-life games, of course. 

Thus, you can easily decipher that Happn intends to make things organic between people. While it is beneficial for most of the people, some of them don’t really want to go deep into exploring each other’s lives. Many people join dating apps after they have had a bad breakup or because they wish to keep their romantic lives casual. Tinder is a better option for such cases. You match, talk, and do not take things seriously. 


Chances of errors

Tinder is like a very generic resume you use to apply to multiple internships. Okay, let me explain. You see hundreds of profiles a day but you can find almost the same description everywhere. Oh god! Even the names and birthdays can be the same. 

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Hence, you cannot really process how these profiles are different from one another. You don’t really know what a person is actually like. Even worse, numerous people have fake profiles. A guy can have a girl’s profile, an elderly person can claim to be 16 and whatnot. Tinder also has age hiding features. You can choose not to show your age to the rest of the world. Well, for some it’s really good news. But makes things difficult when two people actually start talking or meeting.

Happn is better in these matters. There is a high probability that you already know who the person is or you can get to know them better by playing games on this app. This really starts building up a connection between the two individuals. 

Also, you can simply ‘cross’ the person you are no longer interested in. Happn lets you have your personalized list of favorites just like you have your playlist on Spotify. Also, as you change your location, the app’s recommendations keep changing. This makes sure that you don’t get stuck with the same faces every time you open your phone. If you feel alone and want to give some meaning to your future relationship, happy is the perfect ‘crush’ for you.


Final Words

Every app has its own perks and cons. You have a detailed comparison between Happn vs Tinder and now you can choose your preference. Dating apps are meant to be fun. Just make sure to be open to new opportunities and experiences. There will be certain triumphs and a few ‘not-so-good’ experiences too. But you should not judge any app just by the one or two incidents you have. Developing a sense of liking for any person takes time just like your beauty products take their time to show its effect. If you can be patient with them, you can be patient with Happn and Tinder too.

Go ahead and explore. If you are new to the dating world or planning to step into this culture, get ready for some exciting meetings. Every individual on Tinder or Happn has a variety of motives. Some might want true love, some might want companionship while others might want casual flings. Whatever might be the reason, you can choose either of the two apps to fulfill your purpose.

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