Top 5 Tips to lessen Premature Skin Aging

Top 4 Tips to lessen Premature Skin Aging

No matter how much you invest in taking care of yourself, everyone will eventually grow old and face the excesses of old age. It would have been fantastic if humans could be young forever and not face the baggage of growing old. Mother Nature, however, seems not to care.

Many things characterize aging, and the skin is one of the organs that first show the sign. Premature aging can be traced to one’s habits and the things you expose your skin to. Sadly, the skin can be exposed to so much pressure that aging comes prematurely.

For instance, with high pollution levels, UV rays from the sun, and others, many people are not pretty susceptible to premature skin aging. Also, too much stress takes its toll on the skin. Some skin care products also do not help matters.

Thankfully, one can nib premature aging in the bud and slow down the process. One can support the skin to encourage the repair and shedding of dead skin cells.

Keep reading to learn these five trusted tips that can reduce premature skin aging:

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Find healthy Stress Coping Mechanism

When stress gets in excess, it releases cortisol. This stress hormone triggers collagen breakdown in the skin, which fuels premature skin aging. As a result, stress does not only affect mental health, but the physical body part suffers as well.

When anxiety and stress get so much that you lose sleep, it fuels premature skin aging. When stress gets in excess, it speeds up the aging process due to excessive inflammation. When cortisol breaks down collagen, the skin sags with wrinkles in various body parts, supporting inflammation.

Ensure you adopt a healthy stress-coping mechanism. Consider improved sleep, exercises like taking a walk or jogging, reading, meditation, yoga, and others. Not only will these reduce stress, but they will also positively affect the aging process. Stay away from alcohol and smoking and find other helpful means to calm your nerves.

Concentrate on Vitamin Rich Food

Your food will reflect a lot about you, and it also affects the rate of skin aging, hence the saying: “You are what you eat.”

According to a 2019 study in Dutch, over 2700 subjects discovered that food choice directly influenced wrinkles on their face, with women being more susceptible. The study revealed that women with meals high in red meat and unhealthy snacks had high facial wrinkles compared to women who included more fruits in their meals.

Food classes with high antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties can boost the skin’s elasticity. This will keep the skin against any damage or whatever might trigger premature aging.

Here are recommended foods and drinks one should try: olive oil, green tea, salmon, avocado, green leafy veggies (carrots, pumpkins, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, etc.), and flax seeds. In summary, consider the following:

  • Foods with high omega oil and reduced mercury content
  • Avoid processed foods and all foods high in sugar
  • Stay away from inflammatory foods like fried foods, vegetable oil, white bread, sugary drinks, and others
  • Use the right supplements.

Concentrate on Vitamin Rich Food

Keep Your Skin from the Sun

If you want to keep your skin firm, healthy, and radiant, adequate protection from the sun is essential. The sun emits UV protection which causes alarming damage to the skin. This reflects via uneven color patches that show up on the skin. Besides, UV rays from the sun might also break down collagen, affecting elastin and setting the stage for wrinkles and fine lines.

This calls for constant protection from the sun. Thanks to improved research, there are various grades of sunscreen that can protect one. Besides, research reveals that using broad-spectrum SPF-30 can help eliminate fine lines, improve skin texture and reduce aging. It is possible due to the shield it forms on the skin, which prevents UV invasion. As a result, the skin’s regenerative power will come to work unhindered.

Avoid Smoking

Smoke from tobacco damages the elasticity and collagen – the fiber responsible for the strength and elasticity of your skin. Also, the nicotine content of cigarettes constricts your blood vessels which hinders blood flow to the skin. This limits the oxygen supply to the skin. Since the blood carries oxygen and other nutrients like vitamin A to the skin, the skin will be deprived of this.

The heat from cigarettes might also support wrinkles. Also, pursing the lips repeatedly can cause wrinkles around the mouth.

According to a 2013 study conducted on 79 pairs of identical twins, the result revealed that more wrinkles characterized the twins who smoked compared to their partners that didn’t smoke.

Smoking does more damage to smokers than premature skin aging. Ensure to consider a recovery program to quit.


You don’t have to subscribe to harsh chemicals and other unproven products to keep your skin healthy and reduce premature aging. With the right tips, you can support your skin to age the right way. This article has explored five tips that can reduce premature aging.

The skin is a delicate organ, and everyone wants to keep it healthy and glowing. You can achieve this by following a skincare routine, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and eating a balanced diet. You should also limit your sun exposure and see a dermatologist for skin treatment products prescription. By following these tips, you will have healthy and glowing skin. Glowing skin is the dream most people fight to achieve. But many face difficulties as they try various methods that only leave their skin worse.

Thank you for reading!

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