Mother's Day Gifts For Her Lifestyle

Mother’s Day Gifts For Her Lifestyle

This Mother’s Day, try something new instead of the usual flowers, candies, or cards. With gift ideas becoming more home-oriented or eco-friendly, as well as stores lowering prices to sustain the economy, there’s never been a better time to explore new and interesting gift options.

Also, don’t forget about gifts for Father’s Day, which is right around the corner. Also, do not forget the flowers because every gift becomes special beside a beautiful bouquet to look at. Get the brightest bloom from this online flower shop.

Craft Brewers Make Something for The Ladies

Floral and rainwater beers infused with edible flowers are a new rage right now, but luckily it hasn’t caught on yet, so prices are still low. Bottles come in large 750 ml sizes for mom to savor. Check out the Tart Cuvée des Fleurs beer from Long Island with a blend of rose hips, marigold, lavender, and chamomile (

Or for a spicier finish, Scotland’s Williams Bros.Brewing Co. has made a special edition of its Fraoch Ale for its 20th birthday. Fraoch Ale (Fraoch is Scottish Gaelic for “heather”) is made by freshly picked heather flowers being dropped into the boiling water that is the base of the beer (

Rainwater beer is being noticed from its availability at the 5 Seasons Restaurant and Brewery in Atlanta. The brewery system turns downpours into kegs of a wide range of beer such as lagers and ales.

About 900 gallons of rainwater are collected during a short storm, providing nearly two weeks’ worth of beer that tastes better from the rain’s lower pH and mineral content. Mom can make her rainwater beer with a do-it-yourself beer brewing kit for under $40 (

Pajama Lounging Sets

No one can deny their love for comfortable pajama sets, and they can be found in just about any size, fabric, style, or color. Silk pajama sets for any season can be found online or at department stores for as little as $19 per pack, and some even include comfy socks or slippers as a bonus.

In particular, Victoria’s Secret has a wide range of pajama sets to fit anyone’s style ( Mom will love to indulge in her love for lounging with this gift.

Homegrown Honey and Veggies

For moms that like to grow their food (or collect it, for that matter) are in luck. For under $20, a small bamboo bee house can be hung from a tree (make sure it is out of the way or lots of foot traffic or children!)

This light-weight, tear-drop shape, the cute house attracts pollinators and can produce several pounds of honey per year. A Chicago restaurant recently started this trend by housing over 190,000 bees over the outdoor patio for dishes such as pork loin drizzled with honey or organic yogurt. And guess what? Not one diner has ever been stung. (

Help mom grows her mini-garden for dinner whether she has a yard or not. The Wall Living Wall System is a waterproof indoor planter made from recycled plastic bottles that can be hung on walls (

The modern, trendy-looking planters come in different colors and add living plants to the household and aesthetic beauty for under $50.


One can never go wrong with chocolate. Try giving mom a chocolate gift tailored to her lifestyle, though, for an added sentimental value. For foodies, check out the sweet, savory sauces by Vivacious—slight glass bottle house flavors such as Espresso Balsamic Drizzle and Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette. Lightly brush meats or seafood with the spices or drizzle over after cooking (

For more traditional chocolate lovers, check out a selection of gourmet organic chocolate for the senses. Also, focus on dark chocolate since it has fewer calories and a higher antioxidant content than any other chocolate type.

Nowadays, since chocolate is mixed with almost everything, including bacon, goat cheese, lavender, cayenne, black sesame, and curry powder, it is a sure bet to find something mom will find them appealing or interesting taste. Check out some of the top dark chocolate bars on the market.

If mom likes sweets but prefers baked goods over chocolate, give Gracie’s Best a call. This mid-west cookie company creates some of the most delicious, healthiest cookies around, and they ship all over the country.

At only 25 calories each, the only ingredients you will experience in these cookie batches include dark brown sugar, crunchy sunflower seeds, sweet, creamy butter, rich oats, and a little wheat flour and baking soda.

Give The Gift of Life

World Vision is a life-changing organization that encourages people to give gifts that benefit the greater good, not just the home or lifestyle. In the World Vision Gift Catalog, hundreds of options are available to help change the lives of those all over the planet, starting at $10.

For example, give two chickens to a family in a third-world country for $25 to provide eggs and protein for a family, producing more chickens for an entire village.

Or provide a family with a fishing kit for $40 to feed themselves, including poles, hooks, lines, and sinkers. Since half of the girls in developing countries don’t finish primary school, send a girl to school for your mom for $70 or to job training for $25-100, helping her overcome poverty.

Other options include:

  • Send five fruit trees for $30, such as oranges and mangoes, to provide villages with essential vitamins, extra income, and other seedlings.
  • Provide a traditional well so over 150 people can have safe drinking water for years to come for $2,600 (or go in on a share for $75).
  • Give two Bibles in a child’s language for $36 to share God’s love and work.
  • Give a rabbit for $16. A pair can produce over 50 rabbits in one year to provide food and a source of income when they are sold.

Mother’s Day deserves a unique gift that can make a difference in mom’s life or the world, so check out these options and see what would work best for her lifestyle.

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