Road Trips

Road trips

Taking a road trip around India is the ideal way to see the country’s stunning landscapes while moving from one city to the next. No matter if you’re planning a solo bike trip or a road vacation with your family, lengthy drives are a great way to unwind and get away from the daily grind of life. Taking a long weekend trip within your state is fun, but nothing beats the excitement of a cross-country road trip! Our list of must-do and quirky road excursions is a great place to start if you’re looking for a challenge.

The best approach to discovering yourself and the world around you is to go on a road trip. In addition to allowing you to design your own itinerary, it also gives you the opportunity to visit sites that no one else does. India is a vast and beautiful country, and traveling across it by car would require many days of planning and, of course, a large sum of money. To make it less hectic and more enjoyable for a middle-class tourists. Here are ten road excursions that will give you a comprehensive view of the United States. Even with all the trimming and condensing, these are still lengthy road trips, but you can always pick and choose which parts of each trip you want to see and then return to the rest on a subsequent trip. You can, however, rest assured that these trips will satisfy your desire to travel for an extended period of time because you can take them with family, friends, or a special someone and then repeat the experience.

  1. Leh & Srinagar

Tourist bureaus often provide group bike rides, which are safer and a great way to meet new people. If you’re planning a trip with your family or a youngster, you may think this route is solely for thrill-seekers. However, it is recommended that you are well-versed in AMS and that you drive in an SUV whenever possible.

  1. East Coast

While watching Chennai Express, you’re probably wishing you could join Shahrukh and Deepika on their adventure. This is your chance to cross the sea in style on the magnificent Pamban Bridge. All of the en-route attractions are well-known for their scenic beauty and traditional culture, thus the road is in good shape.

  1. West Coast

Gokarna and Kovalam have serene beaches; Wayanad has magnificent ghats; Coorg has divine food; Alleppey has backwaters; Mysore has glorious stories, and Kodaikanal and Ooty have picturesque cities. It’s best to start off in Goa or Bangalore. The northern portion of the circuit is best visited during the monsoon, while the southern region is best explored during the winter. From October to December, the region’s breathtaking splendor can be savored in all its glory.

  1. Road to Bhutan

Road To Bhutan

Indian passport holders do not need a visa to visit Bhutan and it is easily accessible by road too. You can hire a car or bike from Siliguri and ride it in Bhutan for a week, the only country to rank Gyalyong Gakid Palzom, or Gross National Happiness (GNH), above GDP. For the more enthusiastic traveler, continue forward from Punakha and exit to Guwahati on the other side of the map. Tiger Nest at Paro is one of the most beautiful treks in the world and is visited by thousands of travelers.

  1. Western Ghats

List of weekend destinations for Mumbai residents to keep on hand for each weekend throughout the monsoon season. Others may necessitate a single pass.

I can guarantee that if you follow my advice, you will return to the western ghats year after year. Mumbai or Pune is an excellent starting point for a tour of the surrounding area. This is where the journey is more beautiful than the destination. On the way, have some fun at Imagica and Della Adventures. It is possible to stumble onto wonderful tiny communities while hiking through these awe-inspiring mountains. If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to spend the night or two in these natural settings.

  1. Royal Rajasthan

The Rajputana State of Rajasthan is a famous tourist destination for both Indians and visitors from around the world. Winter is the best time of year to experience the hospitality of the locals. Starting from Ranthambore or Jaipur, this circle can be completed in either direction. The highlights of the trip were Udaipur and Jaisalmer, and the safari in the jungle at the conclusion was the perfect way to round out the lengthy journey.

  1. Road to the Himalayas

This is a difficult route, and it’s best to acquire as much information as possible before embarking on the Kinnaur to Spiti leg. Roads are frequently closed, and even when they are, the conditions are poor. The towns in the hills are utterly isolated from the rest of the world. In Rishikesh, the starting point of the trek through sacred Uttarakhand, you can cross off activities like river rafting and bungee jumping from your bucket list. A straight route from Auli to Kufri can be taken.

  1. Valley of Flowers

A visit to the Valley of Flowers is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It includes a car excursion, hiking, and camping in the wilderness. For the valley, you’ll need to engage in some moderately strenuous hiking. It’s only open for a little time each year. Spend some time relaxing on the shores of the naini lake as you make your way back to civilization after a grueling trip.

  1. Sikkim – Old Silk Route

By far my favorite silk route, which connected China to the West and the Middle East. There are several hairpin curves on this road over the Himalayas. Sikkim is a mixture of cultures from the northeast and other parts of India.

The Silk Route destinations of Lachung, Nathula, and Zuluk require a Restricted Area Permit, which may be obtained in Gangtok. Keep an extra day in Gangtok to plan for this.

  1. North East Road Trip

Taking a road trip of around 2000 kilometers through all the major states of northeast India is the best way to see all of the region’s hidden treasures. Only those traveling near Shillong should attempt this route after dusk, therefore it will take some time. The journey from Guwahati to Tawang is a struggle in and of itself due to the adverse weather conditions and the lack of resources. You should have a decent understanding of current events in the region and not rely on the internet too much.

Taking a road trip is a great way to shake up the monotony of daily living. It can also serve as a stress reliever if you are self-driving. No matter where you call home in India, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to taking a self-drive road trip. If you’re thinking about taking a road trip soon.

Best Road Trips

Taking a road trip is a great way to shake up the monotony of daily living. It can also serve as a stress reliever if you are self-driving. No matter where you call home in India, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to taking a self-drive road trip. If you’re thinking about taking a road trip soon.

Delhi to Leh Via Manali

Traveling from Delhi to Leh via Manali is every biker and adventure lover’s dream! The journey, although tedious and exhausting, gives you goosebumps while you maneuver through the bumpy roads of Leh-Ladakh. The astounding beauty of the Himalayan ranges at the backdrop and the exciting stopovers keep you company while you ride to one of the best places in India.

  • Distance: 1091kms
  • Travel time: 25 hours
  • National Highways: NH1, NH21
  • Best time to visit Leh: May to September
  • Delhi to Spiti Valley

Another breathtaking drive from Delhi to Spiti Valley is a must-do. The Spiti Valley, like Leh-Ladakh, is a dream destination for many people in North India. Spiti may be reached by the Delhi-Shimla-Spiti route or the Delhi-Manali-Spiti route. both lead to Spiti. Located in the Himalayas, the Dhankar and Chandrataal lakes, as well as the monasteries of Key, Tabo, and Lhalung, make this valley a popular tourist destination.

  • Distance: 730kms
  • Travel time: 17 hours
  • National Highways: NH3
  • Best time to visit Spiti Valley: March to June

Jammu to Srinagar

While a 30-minute flight from Delhi to Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, is a handy and speedy way to get there, the long and hard road trip is an unforgettable experience. With the snow-capped mountains as a backdrop, you’ll also get to meet the locals and the soldiers stationed there. Taking a ride via the 2.85-kilometer-long Jawahar Tunnel on your Jammu to Srinagar road journey is also recommended. Assume you’re at a height of 4127 feet above sea level.

  • Distance: 300kms
  • Travel time: 7-8 hours
  • National Highways: NH44 (formerly NH 1A)
  • Best time to visit Srinagar: April to October

Chandigarh to Kasol Road Trip

In the Kullu Valley, Kasol is a popular resort for adventurers, nature lovers, and hikers. Foreigners and Israeli hippies alike flock to Kasol, known as the “Amsterdam of India,” to spend months traveling and exploring the area. Chandigarh to Kasol is a wonderful journey that you will enjoy to the fullest. The Parvati Valley and the fabled Kheerganga Trek can also be enjoyed.

  • Distance: 273kms
  • Travel time: 8-9 hours
  • National Highways: NH154
  • Best time to visit Kasol: April to October

Amritsar to Dharamshala

Amritsar to Dharamshala is not a frequently chosen route but the drive to the beautiful hill station is worth your while. Commencing your journey early morning from Amritsar gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful roads up to Pathankot, the entry point to the Himachal. Then take the route via Nurpur, crossing Rait and finally ending your journey at Dharamshala. Although a short drive compared to other places, it is one of the most exciting road trips in north India.

  • Distance: 202kms
  • Travel time: 4-5 hours
  • National Highways: NH54 and NH20
  • Best time to visit Dharamshala: March to July

Hyderabad to Hampi

Hampi, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is fascinating, demanding, and awe-inspiring journey from Hyderabad.

Massive temples dot the landscape of Hampi, which was once the capital of the Vijayanagara empire but has since faded into obscurity. In Hampi, which is also known as a backpacker’s paradise, there are more than a hundred places worth seeing. If you’re planning a road journey from Hyderabad to Hampi, the most typical routes include those that go via Raichur or Kurnool.

  • Distance: 385kms
  • Travel time: 9-10 hours
  • National Highways: NH167
  • Best time to visit Hampi: October to February

Mangalore to Gokarna Road Trip

Mangalore To Gokarna Road Trip

Mangalore to Goa is one of the best road trips you can ever take. Traveling from one of the most beautiful cities in Karnataka to the best party place in India is indeed an amazing vacation option one can choose. Driving on the highway listening to your favorite music is completely blissful while traveling to Goa and is sure to set your mood up to enjoy the Goa nightlife.

  • Distance: 365kms
  • Travel time: 7-8 hours
  • National Highways: NH66
  • Best time to visit Goa: November to February

Vishakapatnam to Arakku Valley

In my opinion, this is one of the nicest road excursions I’ve ever taken in India! The Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal in Visakhapatnam are gorgeous, but the trip to Arakku Valley, a little settlement, where the Borra Caves are located, is even more enchanting. You must see the rich foliage, the easy rise to the hill, and the tranquility of the valley.

  • Distance: 116kms
  • Travel time: 3-4 hours
  • National Highways: NA
  • Best time to visit Arakku Valley: December to February

Bangalore to Bandipur Forest

A drive from Bangalore to Bandipur Forest is one of the most interesting and adventurous road adventures in India. While driving through the Bandipur forest reserve near Bangalore, you may also be lucky enough to encounter a deer or two on the roadside.

  • Distance: 213kms
  • Travel time: 4-5 hours
  • National Highways: NA
  • Best time to visit Bandipur: December to February

FAQ: Road trips

  1. Do you have to be rich to travel the world?

Travel is a wonderful thing since it’s available to everyone in some manner. Getting a taste of another country’s culture doesn’t need much travel. You may save money on most flights by being flexible, using new tools like Skypicker and Fairness, or simply planning ahead of time. For domestic flights, the ideal time to book is 57 days in advance.

  1. What are some common items savvy travelers bring with them?

If you’re staying in a hotel, a tiny power strip is a great way to share an outlet and keep all of your devices close at hand. On your smartphone, take a picture of your bags and your passport in case you lose either of them.

  1. Where are the best places to travel alone?

Certainly not Tahiti, where you’ll be reminded constantly that you’re alone, a lonely friendless figure among the radiant honeymooners everywhere you look. Traveling alone has both advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to cruises, yoga retreats, and European hikes.

  1. What are the best apps for travel?

There is no doubt that CityMapper is the best public transportation guide (sorry HopStop). You may get real-time instructions by car, bus, or train, as well as a slew of useful features, for free, in cities all over the world, from Tokyo to London.

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