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Tinder vs Blendr – Which one to go with in 2021?✅

Are you confused with all the dating apps? Cannot decide which dating app is best for you? Don’t worry. You are in the right place to know which dating app best suits you. Know which is better, either Tinder or Blendr.

Dating is the most romantic moment in your love life. Isn’t it? Wanna make your dating more charming? Yup. To make your dating more special and pleasant, there are several online dating apps for you.

Not all online dating apps are trustworthy. In the same way, not all dating apps are fake. Out of all dating apps, Tinder and Blendr have more craze among people.


And it’s a bit difficult to choose one among Tinder and Blendr apps. So, to kick off your confusion, here is the complete information on a better dating app, either Tinder or Blendr.

More about Tinder

Tinder is the most used dating app with a rating of more than 4 on the Google play store. Do you know more than 57 million people use the Tinder app in over 190 countries? This is all because of its cool swiping feature of the app.

Wanna know more about the swiping feature of the Tinder app? It’s pretty simple to understand. Let me explain to you in detail.

Usually, the Tinder app displays a set of profiles. If you come across someone special, swipe right or else swipe left to see more profiles. Continue this swiping until you find your special ones.

Moreover, the app is very convenient and allows people of the same category and age group profiles. Do you know Tinder is available in more than 40 languages? So, you can choose your preferred language. And happily use it.

Once you select your special ones, you also have a chance to message each other through the app. This feature is quite famous and used by several people throughout the world.

Even you can access your partner’s Instagram profiles once you are done with your partner selection.

Do you know how Tinder displays other people’s profiles?

Tinder primarily considers your geographical location, personal interests, and mutual friends to match profiles of other people. The app also maintains privacy and is 100% secure to use. All your chats and activity are kept safe.

The next question that immediately pokes your mind is: Is Tinder a free app or a paid app? Isn’t it? But don’t worry. You no need to pay a single penny from your pocket. The Tinder app is completely free to use.

However, you must pay for the add ons and Tinder subscription plan. Yup. Even the app has subscription plans. Usually known as “Tinder Gold” and “Tinder Plus.”

This subscription plan allows the users to access more profiles and to see who swiped them before. The basic Tinder app allows limited swipes per 12 hours. So, most people use Tinder subscription plans.

So, this is all about Tinder. Want to know more about Blendr dating apps even?

More about Blendr

Blendr is also an online dating app that connects like-minded people based on their location. Like many other dating apps, Blendr also has several features to connect similar minded people. The funny dating game in Blendr dominates the Tinder swipe up feature.

So, the demand for the Blender dating app is slightly higher than the Tinder dating app. Moreover, the Blendr app also has virtual gift options to present to their partner or special ones.

The best part of the Blendr app is its credit system. Usually, this app has a few credits. And for every 100 credits, you earn a virtual gift.

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You can also message other people whom you like. If you are thinking about the money, Blendr is absolutely free to use. However, even Blendr has subscription plans like that of Tinder.

The subscription plans give more engagement and offer to reach more profiles and find out your special ones. Unlike the free plan, the paid ones let you know through notifications when someone liked you.

The free plan of Blendr gives you free texts, searching profiles, creating profiles, and matching services. In contrast, paid subscriptions have more addons and special features. So, if you have the patience to search profiles until you get the right one, then a free plan is best for you. Or else you must opt for paid plans.

Want to know more about the Blendr app? More than 3 million people use Blendr. Though Tinder has more users, Blendr is highly popular than Tinder. But why? Blendr enhances your easier and quicker way to connect with people. Blendr is also a highly secured and safe app with strict policies. It bans nudity, sexual descriptions, and activities related to unfair activities in the app. So, you must follow the terms and conditions of the app.

To clarify the best dating app in Tinder and Blendr, here are the pros and cons of both apps.

Pros of Tinder app:

  • Free to use

Tinder is a Budget-friendly app. This Tinder app is free to sign up and use. However, there are also subscription plans. So, if you want to enjoy more addons and special features, you must pick up Tinder’s subscription plans.

  • Easy to meet people

Tinder makes it easy to meet people. Tinder connected the people that match you. You can even use the blocking option if you feel the person you contacted doesn’t match your expectations.

  • Matches with the nearer location persons

Tinder app allows you to connect with the nearer location people. Tinder app usually considers the geographical location of the person and connects you. So, you find nearby location people.

  • Easier registration

It’s easier to register in the Tinder app. All you need to do is download the app on your mobile. And get verified by your mobile number and Gmail. Then, connect your Facebook account and enjoy the Tinder services.

Cons of using Tinder app

  • Privacy concern

After you choose your dating partner, you put your images and information about you on Tinder.

But do you know whatever images and information you share remain on the internet forever? This probably may raise some privacy concerns for you.

  • Frequent hacks

Do you know Tinder has hacked more than once? In 2015, many outsiders entered the Tinder app and flirted with many people.

And in 2017, hackers collected more than 40,000 pics of the people for AI experimental setups. Sounds weird. Isn’t it? But it’s true.

  • Minimal swipe ups in the basic plan

You already know that there will be only a few swipe ups for you every 12 hours. So, you may see only a few profiles in your locality.

So, mostly you don’t find the right ones for you. And you end up with a basic plan. And shift to paid plans on paying more money.

  • Tinder is tricky sometimes.

People submit their old or young pics in their profiles. And you cannot guess their appearance until you meet them. Do you know more than 30% of Tinder users are married? As Tinder dating is based on appearance, you must take care of whom you are dating. Especially, women face a lot of problems in dating. So you should tell your friends where you are going if it’s your first date.

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Pros of Blendr app

  • Easy registration process

Like many other online dating apps, Blendr is also easier to sign up and use. It is user-friendly, and all you need is the basic information you provide in the Tinder app even.

  • Find your dating partners easily.

Unlike other online dating apps, it’s easier to find your special ones in Blendr apps with its extra unique features. Also, it immediately sends profiles that are nearer to your location.

  • Allows multiple features to connect easily

Blendr has several features to connect with your special ones. If you are a shy person and cannot express your feelings easily, this is the best app. Even you have free text messaging services once you connect with your special ones.

Cons of Blendr

  • Too many advertisements

It’s annoying and hesitating to see advertisements when you see profiles. Isn’t it? Blendr has too many ads and banners that interrupt you while you are searching for the right profiles.

  • Must be 17 years old to use Blendr

If you are 16 years old, you may have to search for other dating platforms because Blendr does not support people under 17 years old. So, you have no chance to use this app to find your special ones.

  • You cannot find long-term relations.

It’s harder to find long term relations on Blendr. However, this app is mostly used for hookups and casual dating. If you are seriously finding a long-lasting relationship, then you must end up using Blendr.


If you want to have a casual and quick date, then Blendr is the best choice for you. Also, Blendr is even a better choice if you are shy to express your views directly.

Waiting for a person in your locality with similar interests? Then, Tinder is the best choice for you.

Now it’s your time to choose the best app that suits you. Which is better for you, either Tinder or Blendr? What do you think of it?


Thank you for reading!

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