Tinder vs Hot or Not

Tinder vs Hot or Not – Which one to go with in 2021?✅

Do you know four in ten people are dating online? Yup. 

There are over millions of people dating online on several thousands of dating platforms. I know how hard it is for you to find your special ones. In this era, Tinder and Hot or Not are the most popular online dating platforms. 

But which is best for you either Tinder or Hot or Not? Want to know? 

Do you know there are more than 7 million active users on Tinder in the US? It’s pretty common and usual. Because of Tinder’s swiping and many other features. Isn’t it?

But what’s most surprising is that Hot or Not has about 10 million users in the US. Yeah. It’s more than the users of Tinder. So, it’s pretty hard to decide which is the best platform to find out your special ones and start dating online.

Everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, these dating sites also have their loopholes and charming features. 


Do you know, according to the statistics, more than 48% of people are dating online just for fun while 16% are craving sex? And rest all are waiting for the right person to proceed with their long-lasting relationship.  

So, it’s too difficult to find the right relationship and flawless dating experience in these heavy users’ online dating platforms. However, here are the clear reviews on Tinder vs Hot or Not in detail. Just go ahead. And find the right platform for yourself. 



With more than 57 million active users across the world, Tinder is ruling over online dating sites. Tinder has active users from over 190 countries. And it’s all because of its swiping features and other advanced features to communicate with their dating partners. 

Moreover, Tinder is user-friendly. So, it’s very convenient and comfortable. The other best part of Tinder is that it is now available in more than 40 languages. 

So, you can use it in your native language and can select your dating partner accordingly.


Swiping feature of Tinder

Tinder has a swiping feature by default that adds a dash of fun to your online dating. But what is this swiping feature? Do you have the same question poking your mind? Yup. 

Usually, Tinder has a swiping option to select your dating partner. After logging into the Tinder site, it displays a set of profiles that are near to your location. And if you like someone swipe right or else swipe left. 

The concept of swiping right and left sometimes adds fun while selecting your dating partner. Can you guess how many swipes Tinder has daily?

 It’s more than 1.6 billion swipes. 


Meets new people only on your mutual interest

Tinder is also known as the hottest app as it matches more than 26 million people daily. If you want to meet new people wherever you go, then Tinder is the best choice for you without any hesitation. 

You can use Tinder either on Android, iOS or on your PC. Moreover, you meet new people only on your mutual interest. If any of the partners is not interested, then Tinder does not encourage them for dating. 

So, no worries or stress in meeting new people at Tinder. If and only if both partners are willing to date, then only Tinder encourages you. Moreover, you can also use Tinder chatting and texting facilities to interact with the other partners. 


Beware of strangers

Almost Tinder provides profiles that are nearer to your location. So, most of them will be familiar to you. 

However, Tinder also correctly warns you not to share your financial information, personal information, or nude pics with strangers. Especially, be careful when you are going for a date outside. 

Before going for a date either inform it to your friends or family. And also tell them where you are going, when will you be back, and where they expect you at the end of your date. 

Also, if you feel uncomfortable with any date, then leave the date on the spot. Don’t put yourself in trouble. If you think spammy, underage, asking for donations, harassments, abusements, fraudulent profiles, and any other inappropriate features, tell Tinder management.


Is Tinder free

I think this is the most awaited part. Isn’t it? In general, Tinder is free to use. You can download the app from the app store, play store, or directly go to Tinder.com. And sign in. 

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However, you can also opt for paid subscriptions to enjoy more advanced features. There are two paid plans: Plus and Gold. You can choose either of them. On choosing paid plans, you can enjoy unlimited likes, rewinds, 24/7 support, and many other features. 

Also, you can know who liked you. Cool. Isn’t it? But if you are restricted to only a free plan, then you enjoy only limited swipes per day. 


Must be 18 years old

To use tinder services, you should be at least 18 years old. So, people below 18 are not allowed to use Tinder. And if you use it, then it’s considered as fraudulent activity. 

Moreover, people who are below 18 years old are blocked by Tinder. And you will remain in the block list for a certain period as mentioned on the screen. So, it’s better not to use the Tinder app which is below the limited age. 

That is all about the Tinder app and its features. Want to know more about the Hot or Not online dating platform even? Here’s it.


Hot or Not

Hot or Not works on the rating based. It means you have to upload your photo and add a brief description about yourself. 

As soon as you create your profile, it shares your profiles with other people. And if someone likes your photo, it notifies you. Only if both the people are ready to date, then only you can access the chatting system that is similar to Tinder. 

Do you know the access and usage of Hot or Not is increasing incredibly? Can you guess the number of users of Hot or Not? More than 138 million active users. Yup. What an eye-popping number. Isn’t it? 

The number of users at Hot or Not is much more than that of Tinder. Want to know more about it?


Is Hot or Not free?

Hot or Not is 100% free. But if you want to access more features, then you should opt for premium plans of Hot or Not.

If you use a premium feature, then you can see the people who liked your profile and browse someone without knowing them. You can remove all your “NO” votes in your profile. And access to many other advanced features. 

Even you have cool texting features with others along with stickers. 


Women are given more importance than men.

Like many other online platforms, Hot or Not gives most importance to Hot or Not. Females get a chance to have three days of free trial for premium features. However, men do not get any open shots. 

In general, most of the users in Hot or Not are genuine. So, there is less spammy in Hot or Not than any other online dating platform.  


Contacting new people

Usually, Hot or Not encourages people to date only when both people like each other. And it uses the ultimate swiping system. Do you know it is the first online dating app that uses the swiping system?

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This app also uses texting and chatting options with others. The app allows you to chat with others only after verification. However, women can chat with anyone without any restrictions. 


Safety tips

Whatever and how trustworthy is the online dating app; no one can stop the spammy incidents. So, you must be careful with all the spammy people. If you have seen any wrong behaviour or misused behaviour people then immediately complain at the Hot or Not site. 

Also, don’t share your passwords with your friends or neighbours. That might lead to the misuse of your profile. Do not even share your nude pics and financial matters with other people. 


Over to you about Tinder vs Hot or Not

If you are looking for a genuine relationship, then Hot or Not might be the best option for you. However, Tinder also has an actual usage rate. But Tinder has a more spammy rate than Hot or Not. 

So, if you are using Tinder, make sure to take possible precautions. However, Hot or Not is somewhat safer than Tinder in all aspects. Tinder is best to find your special ones in your locality or near to your locality. 

In terms of subscription plans, Tinder has a low price compared to Hot or Not. However, Hot or Not has a special offer for you. It has access to life-time payment for $78. So, you can pay once and use it in your entire life without paying for a week or month frequently.  

What do you say? 

Thank you for reading!

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