Where To Find Wedding Hairstyles

Where to Find Wedding Hairstyles

A wedding day is one of the most important days anyone can experience. It is the day that breeds the moment when two souls will unite to spend eternity together. And while there are many beautiful words to describe this occasion, there are also many beautiful details that go into making a wedding day one that will never be forgotten. Therefore, here are some tips for finding the perfect hairstyle to match any beautiful wedding.

Bridal Magazines

Magazines can be some of the best sources for wedding hair ideas, but the magazines don’t have to be specifically geared towards the hair. Catalogs for wedding dresses can be spectacular places to find hairstyles. Remember: the designers want their dresses to look good which means, making the model look good which means, beautiful hair. Like wedding dress catalogs, bridal magazines can be wonderful places to not only find pictures of potential hairstyles, they often also have tutorial-like sections that teach you how to replicate the look.

Popular bridal magazines include Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, You and Your Wedding, and Bridal Guide. Depending on your wedding’s look and theme, finding magazines that cater to a similar theme may help. For example, if you’re having an outdoor wedding and want a simple look, magazines like Hawaii Bride and Groom might have some good hairstyles because of the percentage of people who get married on Hawaii’s beaches.

Hairstyle Books

Books are another impeccable source for finding the ideal wedding day hairstyle. However, before investing in one of these books, try checking out local salons. They often have bridal hairstyle books that you can flip through. In addition to salons, another idea is to scour eBay and Amazon.com for bridal hair books. This way, you can spend less money on the books, and more on the actual wedding. Books like Bridal Hair by Pat Dixon, which normally sells for about $60, can at times be found on Amazon.com for $45.


Browsing the web for your wedding day hairstyle can be efficient and helpful if you know where to look. WeddiingChannel.com provides a comprehensive site with everything needed to plan the perfect wedding, including stunning hairstyles in categories such as upswept, medium-long, short, curly, and straight. Many other websites, such as TheKnot.com and Brides.com, offer many pictures of various hairstyles.

Picking the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day will take a lot of thought and consideration; if you plan to marry outdoors, prepare for humidity. The process of picking the hairstyle that embodies your personality and the wedding theme should be fun, so don’t stress if you can’t find it right away. There are so many places to look for your perfect wedding day hairstyle; you’re bound to find it!

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