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Winter Hairstyle Trend: The Bob

If you enjoy keeping up with hairstyle trends, then you are probably interested in knowing what this season’s hottest hairstyle trend is. Well, there’s good news for people who enjoy keeping their hair shorter! The bob is definitely what’s in this winter season. Here, we will look at some variations of this hairstyle and a closer look at some celebrities’ bob hairstyle.

The Concave Bob Hairstyle

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably seen the concave bob before – on Victoria Beckham! The concave bob is typically kept the shortest of all of the bob hairstyle variations. The hair in the front is cut slightly longer than the back’s hair, though not a lot. The concave bob is often recommended for women who have thin or fine, straight hair. If you want to follow this hairstyle trend, you might want to consider adding highlights to the concave bob hairstyle!

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The Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Another one of the prevalent variations of the bob hairstyle is the inverted bob. The inverted bob hairstyle’s whole idea is to cut the back very short but keep the front fairly long and equal in length on both sides. This is another style that is often recommended for people who have fine hair, though it can work nicely on people who have hair that is medium in thickness and wavy. It is pretty common for people to leave the inverted bob uncolored, though some people choose to add some light highlights. This hairstyle can be found on singer Rihanna.

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The Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

The asymmetrical bob hairstyle is very similar to the inverted bob hairstyle. The only main difference is that with the asymmetrical bob hairstyle, the front sides are kept uneven rather than equal in length. Otherwise, the same guidelines for the inverted bob hairstyle apply to the asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

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The Classic Bob Hairstyle

The classic bob hairstyle is probably one of the most common variations of the bob hairstyle, which is being sported this season. Nicole Richie is one of the many celebrities who have the classic bob hairstyle, though she has chosen to add bangs to her classic bob. This hairstyle is typically kept longer than the other bob variations, though it is shorter in the back than it is in the front. It tends to work great on all hair types. The classic bob hairstyle also looks great on both blondes and brunettes. Although it is done, many people who opt for the classic bob hairstyle do not get highlights. It is also widespread to add side or front swept bangs to the classic bob hairstyle.

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These are just a few of the many different bob hairstyle variations that are very common right now! No matter what type of bob hairstyle you choose to get, it is safe to say that you will be following the winter hairstyle trends. For those who hate having short hair, the bob is in – whether we like it or not! This does not mean that you need to rush out and get the bob hairstyle yourself, but you will likely be seeing it sported by celebrities and friends during this season!

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