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61years old  Location not specified


male, looking for a girl 18-61 years old
6ft-6.2ft (181cm-190cm)
About me:
Name: Roy, nicknamed RRRR (pronounced like a growl) Yes, really.
Eyes: Two
Hair: You're kidding, right?
Traits: Weird, nonconformist, creative, logical, funny, strong, kind, chivalrous, intellectual, uninhibited, sexual, dominant, protective, good listener
Music: Classical!
I read: Books & magazines, but not minds
Activities: animal rescue (LOTS of animal rescue-- the dog in the picture isn't mine. I helped rescue him from shelter an hour before he was to die.), museums, weight-lifting, swimming, bicycling, reading, writing, science (esp. astronomy), politics, movies (especially old movies: Marx Brothers, Chaplin, Bogart, etc.), sports

One-line messages are lazy & insincere. If you show you didn't read my entire profile, I'll be annoyed.

I'm not too weird, just weird enough; part serious, part rotten little kid. I have a good head on my shoulders, which is a good thing because if it were elsewhere on my body, it just wouldn't look right. I'm strong mentally & physically, fiercely loyal, a take-charge man, and extremely chivalrous. I'll open your door, carry all heavy stuff, be strong for you, & protect you. I'm not into 1-night stands/chasing skirts when in a relationship. I've composed hours of classical music performed publicly. If you're not DEEPLY into classical music, we're not compatible. For a living, I teach. I've been skydiving & bungee jumping b/c I don't want to regret risks not taken. You don't have to do them, but accept that I do sometimes.

I've fulfilled all my sexual fantasies, & want to keep fulfilling them with someone I love, and who loves me. I'm politically aware, but NOT politically correct. I'm vegetarian-- a cruelty-free diet is a must. Innocent animals should not have to die just to be delicious to you. I loathe the Tea Party. Conformists, conservatives, and religious folks (I gave up religion for Lent) go away-- I AM AN ANTI-THEIST AND AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANYONE WHO IS EVEN SLIGHTLY RELIGIOUS. Deist are OK, theists are not. I do 200+ voice impressions. Yes, really. Order now, operators standing by.

Wish list: soft body/spirit, unconventional, strong mind/character; free thinker yet likes her man in charge & to protect her; height/weight proportionate; no large tattoos or piercings exc. ears; EXTREMELY feminine & intelligent; LOVES classical music (knows, for example, the difference between Haydn & Ravel; doesn't think Beethoven's a large dog and Bach's the sound he makes when chasing cats); arts & sciences, politics, literature, nature; incurably curious.

You're NOT right for me if you
���take drugs
���would even consider wearing real fur or be otherwise cruel to animals
���don't like animals
���are not into hairy guys
���believe in astrology/other brainless superstitions, including religion
���are too much of a feminist. I favor gender fairness, but I'm sick of being treated like the enemy. I won't apologize for being masculine. Feminists tell men to get in touch with their feminine sides, but I only do that to give it a firm spanking like the dirty little slut that it is.
���regard your match's income a factor in your attraction to him. I don't sell flowers at intersections, but want me for who I am, not what I own.

Miss Right's sexually uninhibited, passionate & willing to try new things. I'm sexually dominant (but never abusive), so she likes being sexually submissive. Enthusiasm is more important than experience; it's the best sexual technique. I also think bisexual girls are HOT, although I'm 100% straight.
Also, honesty in relationships should be carried to extremes. In relationships, I DON'T LIE, EVER. I ask the same from you. Lies in relationships are like boogers in salads: the acceptable number is zero. If you write to me, I'll reply even if we're not a match because not doing so is extremely rude to someone who's sent me a message. I want similar courtesy from you.