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Last seen09 May 2020, 00:00
46years old  Location not specified


male, looking for a girl 18-80 years old
5.3ft-5.6ft (161cm-170cm)
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hello, I hope you have read my profile, it is important for you to know why I am here, I am in search of a stable relationship, the truth I would like to get married, for me, it is important a union blessed by the power of God, I believe that that is a strong union and full of values, for me the values such as commitment, loyalty, fidelity and sincerity are too important, I think that maybe the fallacy of those values makes this society sick. Going back to my motive to be here, I have respect for your feelings, then I ask you to have respect for my feelings, if for you to be here is not a serious question please do not write me anymore, otherwise do not hesitate to write me.