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48years old  Location not specified


male, looking for a girl 18-80 years old
6ft-6.2ft (181cm-190cm)
Body type:
About me:
I AINT SHIT!! Ego is not your amigo. Im divorced & a single parent every other week. My 8yr old daughter is the source of my happiness. If you are STILL in a RELATIONSHIP, MARRIED, or asking for Revenge sex, please skip me. If u don't wanna meet me after chatting for a week, that will send me a red flag about u and i'll move on. Burning money to indulge in "sextings" is fantasy. U cannot know me "a little better" on-line. I'm here to be with u in "REAL LIFE." I will not accept COVID OR YOUR BUSY WORK LIFE as an excuse. We can quarantine together & if u won't make time for me, then I won't waste my time with u. If these requirements sound like I'm better than u, read my 1st line