Lars Hofvander
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58 years old   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lars Hofvander

a man, looking for a woman aged 35-50
6ft-6.2ft (181cm-190cm)
Body type:
Streaks of gray
About me:
I am a viking. Trustworthy, serious and responsible. I live in Rio de Janeiro, beautiful city IN BRAZIL!!! I need to stay here for at least 3 more years until my daughter starts university. I am fun to be with and I am very sociable. People who meet me tend to want to be friends with me and invite me to all sorts of things. I am quite romantic too :-). I believe that it is important that both persons in a relationship should listen to the other persons needs in all aspects.
An ideal date:
I am looking for life-lasting company. Someone to wake up with every morning that makes my heart skip a beat. When we can look each other deep in the eyes and start a new perfect day. Someone that will never betray me and that I can trust with my life.
I expect my future companion to be a responsible person, with her feet on the ground, having the means to provide to our home. I am not a sugar-daddy. The terms in a relationship should be equal in all senses. I am very feministic and do not expect you to cook, wash clothes, do the dishes etc... We divide everything, pleasures and responsabilities. I am all for equal rights for both men and women! No more injustice in that area, please!

To whom that decides to write to me, I do not want any sex-messages, because I believe that the first step is to get to know each other and the intimacy comes as the next step after we've met. I will disregard any messages that do not respect that.

I am here for real and I do not want any superficial communication. I wish that you show your sincere interest with the proper conversation that goes with it. Is that too much to ask?