Amelia Mia Cuencia
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Last seen 05 September 2021, 16:08
29 years old   Manukan, Philippines

Amelia Mia Cuencia

a woman, looking for a man aged 35-80
5ft-5.25ft (151cm-160cm)
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About me:
im a free-spirited individual. I know exactly what I want and I maintain single-minded focus to achieve my goals. I do have certain limitations, but I know that it's good to have one so at least you know how to say No and protect yourself as well. I would love to explore new horizons and maximize my potentials.i know im not fortunate enough to experience what other woman have experienced, im just a an ordinary dreamer, who believes that life is like a wheel, sometimes your up and sometimes your down, but i strongly believe that its the will to keep on that makes an individual who they are...i grew up in the province, i have never experienced big life, im always putting my head down, remain down-to-earth, because i know i cant be anyone im not, i am always myself, and i will not ever forget where ive been and who i am...and that's always me, a girl who have nothing, i know i have nothing, but one thing for sure i can always show to everyone, i have the heart, big big heart, full of compassion, respect from myself and to other people, educated, polite, and simple. i am proud of who and what i am, i don't have to be someone im not, because i know that despite of being unfortunate, i have a wealthy heart, and that is the most important thing in this world, when you have the heart, you can have happiness, and when you have happiness, you'll be at peace...and as a woman, i always put my head above my shoulder, stand tall, and proud of myself, because i can do what men and other woman can...and that makes me unique, and extraordinary.

I am a strong, independent lady who social life. I walk for exercise and time alone with work and my own thoughts. I love to cook and enjoy preparing good home cooking for friends and family. I try to always think the best of everyone. Each day is a gift from God and i treat it as such. Life is far too short to be wasted on issues. Get over it and on with it. Never let the sun go down on your anger and never never say a harsh word you may regret later. I enjoy the company of strong, honest man. You cannot be weak or metro around me. I want the traditional man. I enjoy the presence of a gentleman ,who knows how to treat a woman. He must be loving and kind. I want to be engulfed in he embrace and kissed tenderly. He can be funny or serious... or just plain normal. He must love children and enjoy their presence. I am a secure in who i am and i don't need you to complete me. I want to enjoy your company and companionship. I am intelligent and driven. I have a mind of my own. I have the spirit of a servant and the heart of a lion. I attack each day with the voracity of a hungry beast in order to soar to new heights as an eagle in flight. You must be able to handle my optimistic outlook on life and no attitudes allowed
im a simple person as a "WOMAN" who got so many challenges that come to my life and without......My experience there is no LOVE and if there is NO Love put Love and we shall ref-love.. and i do believe that if u love some1 u must sacrifice if u don't sacrifice there is no LOVE..

They said love comes in the right time and in the right timing, i have been to many attempts of knowing the love i thought is true, have met guys in person, but never have the chance to say its the one i thought it is, some are possessive, some would like to take advantage right away, but its not what true love means, they only love their selves, and its a selfish love, and that's not the love my heart needs...i tried to be serious with someone, but distance made it fade away, i understand that some wants to fall in love with me, but they are scared, maybe i would only hurt them, but they didn't give themselves a time to learn to love me without fear, they don't want to try, i believe that distance really would make it hard, i don't know why love is the most scariest thing in the world...once i fall in love, its serious, and its true, but before i would say i love you,
An ideal date:
a caring , loving husband and most of all trust worthy enough to be trusted with