Decisive Factors For The Choice Of Lipstick

Decisive Factors For The Choice Of Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of facial make-up. Numerous make-up looks are available these days, and a gorgeously coloured lip is often a part of them. It’s enticing to purchase the colours and designs you see in magazines, but ensure to do your research first. 

The main important things to consider when selecting a lip colour are your skin colour, wardrobe and skin type. Before deciding on a fashionable look, make sure to evaluate how lipstick fits with all of these variables.


When it comes to make-up, we don’t always make decisions based on strict rules, instead opting to follow current trends, maybe purchasing a product seen in a magazine or recommended by a friend, or to indulge our personal preferences.

Like any other product, lipstick is intended to blend seamlessly with facial features, making the lips plumper or thinner when required.


Let’s start by getting a better understanding of the various types of lipstick on the market. The formula, or the consistency that distinguishes them, is one of the first element that makes a difference in cosmetics for the lips. Based on this aspect, we can discern the following types of lipstick:

Lipstick In A Tube

It is the classic and most common lipstick and consists of a small creamy stick enclosed in a plastic or metal tube. Its thick and pasty recipe is one of the most adaptable ones, working well with every occasion and age group.

Compact Lipsticks

It has a creamy consistency as well. Close lipsticks, unlike sticks, come in jars that look like eyeshadow jars and must be picked up and applied to the lips with a special brush or directly with your fingers. However, Also this cosmetic has a wide range of applications.

Lip Gloss

It is also known as lipstick or lipgloss, which is more liquid than the other two varieties and is colourless or semi-transparent. This consistency allows for glossy lips with a wet effect, but with a much lighter and more natural look than creamy lipsticks;

Liquid Lipstick

This consistency is quite close to that of lipgloss, making it very fluid but liquid lipstick and leaves a vibrant colour on the lips, more akin to creamy lipsticks.

Time Duration

Another significant feature that separates lipsticks on the market and influences our decision to buy one over the other is the length. In reality, depending on your needs and personal preferences, you can prefer a lipstick that, once applied, stays on the lips for several hours without smudging. In general, we can distinguish the following types of lipstick based on their duration:

Traditional Lipstick

It is the most popular kind, with a formula that does not include any unique ingredients to boost the product’s power. Traditional lipsticks typically last an hour or two before smudging and disappearing. 

Rossetti Long Duration 

It is also known as long-lasting lipsticks with a formula enriched with specific water-resistant polymers. Once applied to the lips, they form a film that can last for four to five hours without smudging. However, the formula is not immune to sticky substances like those found in food, so even long-lasting lipsticks begin to fade while eating.

Indelible Or Intense Hold Lipsticks 

These lipsticks, which have just recently hit the market, cling perfectly to the lips, can withstand food and drinks, and have a wear time of up to 12 hours. 

Most of these products contain a high percentage of silicones, which ensures a tight seal; however, this type of formula is harsh on the lips and can cause them to become dry and chapped. As a result, they should be used sparingly and only after thoroughly moisturising the lips with a lip balm.

Liquid Lipstick With A Long-Wear Time

On the other hand, Stick and compact lipsticks appear to last less because of their soft and creamy consistency, which causes them to melt and concentrate in the tiny folds of the lip contour. On the other hand, many liquid lipsticks feature novel formulas that help them stay on the lips for longer.

Finishing Or Final Effect

When selecting the right lipstick for your needs, it’s critical to consider the finishing or the impact you want to achieve on your lips. There are many lip cosmetics on the market right now, and finding the one that best compliments our features isn’t always easy. Let’s take a look at how lipsticks are classified based on their finish:

Glossy lipsticks

These lipsticks give you glossy lips with a wet look, and they’re not very opaque. They’re ideal for a natural look that’s not too flashy. Their lifespan is usually short.

Shiny or glitter lipsticks

They have a perfect and shiny effect, and they differ from the previous ones in that they have a more vibrant colour and slightly higher coverage. However, even in this situation, the time on the lips is very brief.

Pearly lipsticks

These lipsticks have a pearly effect on the lips, similar to the iridescence of mother-of-pearl, achieved by very tiny glitter or metallic particles. Their coverage is greater than the first two forms due to their thickness and more resistant formula, and as a result, the colour would be more vivid.

Semi-opaque or velvet lipsticks

Unlike the other styles, these lipsticks don’t have any reflections and are usually opaque. On the other hand, their formula is light, simple to apply, and does not leave the lips feeling dry.

Matte lipsticks

When applied to the lips, these lipsticks provide a matte finish with no reflections or shine. This finish achieved by their thick formula, which can be challenging to apply but provides a lot of coverage and lasts a long time. It is because opaque lipsticks can be a little heavy and dry on the lips, so it’s best to moisturise them with a lip balm before applying.

This style is perfect for those who want a product that lasts a long time, possibly all day (with a few tweaks); however, it is not recommended for those who have very defined features, as it tends to harden them, or for those who want a lipstick that brightens the face.

Shimmer Lipstick

After we’ve decided on the formula and finish that best fits our needs, we can move on to another important consideration: the hue, or, to put it another way, the colour. Lipsticks on the market can be classified into the following categories in this case:

  • Light and soft colours are perfect for a natural and unobtrusive make-up look.
  • For a more decisive and intense effect, use dark shades.
  • Red shades: for a classic and elegant look that is still on-trend;
  • Nude shades are ideal for highlighting the lips without changing their hue.

Decisive Factors For The Choice Of Lipstick

How Do You Choose The Ideal Lipstick?

Let’s move on to consider when searching for the best product to enhance our face. We’ve looked at the key characteristics of lipsticks.

Undertones And Tones

The first thing to consider is your skin, which the lipstick we choose should compliment as much as possible: In reality, not all shades would perfectly enhance our Complexion.

Light Complexion

The best colours are pink or nude, with a preference for powder pink or sand for the cold undertone and beige and peach for the warm undertone. Cocoa and coffee go well with chilly undertones, while hazelnuts go well with warm ones; if you prefer dark colours, cocoa and coffee go well with cold undertones, while hazelnuts go well with warm ones tones.

Medium Complexion 

Those with a cold undertone can concentrate on more vivid pinks like mauve, blueberry, and burgundy, while those with a warm undertone can focus on bronze and copper colours; those with a warm undertone can focus on bronze and copper colours.

Medium-dark Complexion

It is the luckiest since it can adjust to almost any hue. The orange ones, on the other hand, are the strongest.

Dark Complexion

Brown and purple are often winners in this situation, preferably walnut, marc, or burgundy for a cold undertone, whereas may use caramel or plum for a warm undertone. Those that wish to be bolder can use neon or very bright colours.

However, in terms of red shades, we recommend:

If you have a light complexion, stick to muted and rosy reds like raspberry for a cool undertone and coral for a warm undertone. Cherry is ideal for medium or medium-dark skin, but wine and orange-red are also appropriate for a cool undertone and a warm undertone, respectively.

Hair Color

Even the colour of one’s hair influences lipstick preference. Here’s what we suggest in general:

Brown or dark hair 

There are virtually no limitations in terms of shades and finishes in this case, mainly if the eyes are also unclear. Blackberries should stick to purple, cherry, and burgundy, while brunettes should stick to brown, burgundy, and plum.

Red hair 

It should be dyed in orange or beige tones, rather than pink or purple tones;

Blonde hair 

Shades of pink, nude, and peach are ideal for blondes. Fuchsia or red are good choices if you prefer dark colours.

Lips’ appearance

Lipstick should ideally be enhanced facial features while also likely fixing minor flaws; thus, the shape and size of the lips play a role in the product selection, especially in terms of colour and finish. Those who have small or thin lips,

For example, one should concentrate on soft or nude colours to emphasise their thickness; dark tones, on the other hand, should be avoided because they highlight the thinness of the lips. Glossy, shiny, or matte lipsticks should be preferred in terms of finish since they make the lips appear fuller and turgid; eventually, a thread of clear gloss may be applied over the chosen lipstick.

On the other hand, very bright shades should be avoided in the case of very big or fleshy lips, while dark or duller colours, as well as nude ones, are preferable: these shades, in reality, make the mouth stand out without being excessive; the flawless finish, on the other hand, is matte.

Best Matte Lipsticks That Don’t Dry Out Your Lips

Tom Ford, NARS, Chanel, MAC, and Maybelline all have matte lipsticks in their collections. Matte lips have been a common theme in recent seasons, and they’re an unavoidable style variation in everyday make-up. Check out our list of the best matte lipsticks, as well as our guide to picking the right colour for you.

Millions of women use matte lipsticks all over the world to complement their everyday lip make-up. It comes as no surprise. In reality, there are several benefits to using these lip cosmetics. The colour is vibrant and saturated; they last a long time and are often attractive.

However, there is concern that wearing matte lipsticks can cause unnecessary dryness and chapping of the lips.

So, let’s look at some matte lipstick brands that hundreds of thousands of women worldwide enjoy and have no adverse side effects.

1.Matte Lip Color By Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s matte lipstick is unlike any other matte lipstick on the market. Whatever colour you pick, it’ll look amazing. Its one-of-a-kind formula provides a lovely matte finish without drying out the lips. We like it because of how long it lasts.

It contains herbal extracts that aid in maintaining proper hydration. Your lips will always be radiant as a result of this, even after a long day. Furthermore, having a large colour selection ensures that you can find your favourite pigment.

The product is plentiful, but it is well worth the money. For women who just want the most delicate matte lipsticks, this is the one to get.

2.Nars Lip Pigment In Powermatte

Another recommendation is Lip Pigment matte liquid lipstick, which has a distinctive matte finish.

Its use is enjoyable due to its very liquid and gelatinous consistency. “The lipstick applied on the lips without leaving uncomfortable sticky sensations,” say those who have tried it.

It is characterised primarily by a large amount of pigment used, which results in an intense colour after only one use. It is effective during the day and lasts for several hours. NARS has a lot to do if you want to have perfect lips!

3.Rouge Allure Velvet By Chanel

If you want a matte lipstick with it all: pretty colours, a fair price, and long wear, this is a great option.

It’s a light and fun formula to use. The vivid pigment fades steadily and uniformly over time so that you won’t be left with only the contour on your lips after a few hours.

It is an excellent option for women who don’t want to worry about touching up their lipstick during the day.

The fact that can nail polish to the colour of the lipstick is a bonus.

4.Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil By Nars

A matte lipstick with a lot of pigment won’t help you much if it melts unattractively at the corners of your mouth instead of highlighting your lips.

This one-of-a-kind lip liner helps you to highlight and enhance the best features of your lips.

The manufacturers decided to give women the convenience of using a lip liner while ensuring that the lipstick lasted a long time. They were ultimately successful, in our opinion.

The product has a lot of benefits, but we especially like how precise it is to use. Even if added quickly to the car’s rearview mirror, this lipstick will look fantastic. It is, in reality, effortless to use and highly durable.

5.MAC Retro Matte

Lip items from MAC have long been regarded as legendary. For years, Retro matte, Ruby Woo, and Runway Hit have been top sellers.

Lip make-up trends come and go, but matte lipsticks never go out of style, whether you’re 20 or 50. They’re a timeless classic that you can regularly wear as well as for special occasions.

Retro Matte will remain in place even after millions of kisses and hundreds of toasts. No matter what the occasion, the unique colours will make you feel fantastic.

Take a few moments to assess your lips before deciding on permanent lipstick. Each person’s lips are unique in terms of scale, shape, texture, and hydration. While it will seem insignificant at first, this factor will have a significant impact on your decision. Let’s take a look at some cases.

On the one hand, thin lips will benefit from matte finish lipstick’s ability to add volume. When it comes to full lips, we have the option of choosing between glossy and natural finishes. If your lips are parched, however, go for the most moisturising lipsticks. Stick formats can be highly beneficial.

Also, keep in mind that the dryness of a long-wearing lipstick varies from one person to the next. You can see this in action by reading user reviews on a product, which vary based on who uses it. Are your lips prone to drying out? Choose a substance that is less permanent and contains more oils. If you don’t have any dryness issues, the opposite is true. And if you don’t have this, note always to hydrate them.


“Long-lasting lipstick” is a word that accurately defines the cosmetic’s main feature. Most people use them to enjoy a delicious meal, a refreshing drink, or a passionate kiss without having to think about touching up their lipstick. As if that weren’t enough, long-lasting lipsticks are now available in a wide range of price points.

You now know what to look for when selecting your items. Remember to consider the occasion, your lips’ characteristics, and the finish you want. If you suffer from dry skin, use the improved formulations to prevent the product’s only drawback. Will entirely make your lips healthy for up to 24 hours.

Thank you for reading!

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