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It’s never going to work: throw doubts overboard and start having fun dating

“No one wants to make a serious commitment anyway”, and “All singles on dating portals are incapable of having a relationship” – these and other advantages can spoil the fun of flirting and online dating. Perhaps some of you will even recognize yourself here and think along similar lines. Relationship experts see this pessimistic attitude as a major problem for the bad reputation of dating portals. It’s time to throw pessimism overboard and face new love with courage. This text shows how Cupid’s arrow can hit the World Wide Web with ease and yet with commitment, having fun dating.

Have no expectations

When registering on a dating app, it should first and foremost be about fun and ease. If you have high expectations right from the start, you can only be disappointed. There is a simple step you can take to get your expectations under control: accept and let go.

Fighting against it is useless. Instead, it’s about recognising that you may have too many expectations. Once you have successfully realized this, the next step is to let go. It is much easier if you visualize your expectations as individual bunches of balloons. Each grape has its imaginary expectation card attached to it. The colourful sight alone makes many things seem easier. Now it’s time to get active: the expectations rise gently upwards on the imaginary balloon bunches. You may look after them a little wistfully, but then they have evaporated.

There is no such thing as the perfect partner

The prince or princess of your dreams is an illusion because, as the word itself suggests, they only exist in dreams. But love and relationships need to be lived in reality. That’s why it’s important to initially define the criteria for a new potential partner less narrowly. Of course, some things have to be right, such as a shared value system.

However, there should be much more leeway when it comes to body size, eye colour, stature or hair length. When creating a profile, it helps to provide just a few details about yourself. Anyone interested can ask for the rest in a personal meeting. It also helps to use phrases such as “I’m not perfect and you don’t have to be” in your profile as an icebreaker.

Combining shared hobbies

Does he or she have a hobby that is completely new to you? Don’t click on it immediately, but take a closer look. The dating world is full of surprises and it’s the different passions that make getting to know someone exciting. Imagine diving into the world of sailing, astronomy or perhaps salsa dancing thanks to someone – areas that you might never have discovered on your own. Shared hobbies are of course great for first contact and give you confidence on a first date. But being curious about each other’s interests can enrich you personally and perhaps even lead to new shared passions. So, why not take the plunge and explore a new world with someone?

Just don’t waste any time

He or she doesn’t write back immediately? For some singles, their world is already falling apart because there is a perceived lack of interest. Before the contact is deleted and you can confirm to yourself “I knew it from the start, nobody here really wants anything serious from me”, the emotion should subside first. Take a deep breath, leave the app for a moment, and just let Cupid do his thing. There are often very pragmatic reasons for reacting less quickly. Not every registered user is online non-stop, for example, or may have more important things to do at the moment.

Especially at the beginning, everything should and may be very easy. A stopwatch is therefore out of place when communicating. If the contact hasn’t got in touch after a day, it helps to casually ask if everything is OK. Most of the time, the supposed misunderstanding about the lack of interest will then resolve itself and, like balloons with expectations, will deflate.

Without authenticity, flirting on the World Wide Web remains hidden

Authentic Profile Picture In A Natural Setting

In the world of online dating, the real you can get lost more easily than a sock in the washing machine. A profile picture that has been edited so that your self appears at least as far away as the moon is from the Earth may seem impressive at first glance. But let’s remember: not even NASA sends its rockets into space without the most precise calculations and authentic material.

The secret is not to squeeze yourself into an astronaut suit if you prefer ocean depths. A photo that shows who you are – whether enjoying a favourite hobby, in a moment of genuine laughter or simply in your natural surroundings – speaks volumes more than a thousand filtered portraits.

As for the text, it shouldn’t look like it was written by a marketing team vying for search algorithms’ favour with every word. It’s about telling a story – your own. Instead of trying to impress an imaginary audience with generic phrases like “I love life”, it pays to be specific. Why not say that the sound of ocean waves in the morning or the smell of freshly baked bread are the little things that make your heart beat faster? Take courage, and dare to be yourself. Having fun dating.

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