Love Meditation – A Spiritual Awareness

Love Meditation – A Spiritual Awareness

Meditation can be the eyes of one’s soul. By accessing one’s higher consciousness, a person can reach a heightened spiritual awareness and learn to develop higher self-esteem by allowing for self-love and sending out love to cherished family and friends.

What is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is the spiritual side of you. This is where the deepest, purest emotions can run. It’s a part of each individual, and some believe that the higher self can connect with a higher power. Depending on one’s religious or spiritual beliefs, this can be a Divine connection or a connection to universal consciousness. This is a link to a person’s self-ego and love capabilities.

By establishing a relationship with one’s higher self, a person can let go of any personality facades to impress other people and get down to the actual basics of what someone’s real nature is. This can lead to the realization of the true beauty inside an individual and allow for peace, contentment, and love.

Meditation Consciousness and Self Love Meditation

To begin this meditation, find a comfortable chair to sit in a while keeping a straight posture. With eyes closed, take a long, deep breath. Exhale slowly and continue to breathe slowly while clearing the mind of all thoughts. Keep the focus on the breathing.

Once the mind is cleared, think of a particular person in life that has brought great love and joy. Try to see that person in the mind’s eye. Next, envision that person putting their arms around you and holding you tight. Feel the peace and joy that this brings, along with knowing the unconditional love this person has and how safe being in this person’s arms feel.

If emotions come into play, that’s okay. Go ahead and feel all of the emotions of the beautiful love that is being given. Take a moment to realize why this person cares so much and all of the good qualities you possess that make this person want to give so much love. When ready, mentally give this person a big hug back and thank them for sending all of that love. As the day goes on, try to keep this wonderful feeling of love going.

Meditation Method of Sending Love

To send love to someone else, first, do the above meditation. When feeling full of love, imagine someone you would like to have experienced this wonderful feeling, a picture of that person in the mind’s eye, and mentally begin to send that person some love. If comfortable, either mentally or aloud, repeat the words, I love you.

Now, to add a challenge to this meditation, pick a person you’re not very fond of and send that person some love. This is a practice in opening up the heart and raising one’s spiritual consciousness while showing compassion to others.

Love is a compelling emotion. If able to love one’s self, then it’s easy to have higher self-esteem. By connecting to one’s higher consciousness and sending love to others, one can achieve more heightened spiritual awareness.

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