Pop Punk Love Songs Music For The Perfect Romantic Valentine's Day

Pop-Punk Love Songs: Music For the Perfect Romantic Valentine’s Day

You will find the perfect songs for Valentine’s Day or other important milestones and special evenings within every genre. The trick with punk songs is to find the right ones- sometimes, this is more difficult than one would expect.

With many songs written on the topic of love, most punk bands tend to take the route of downplaying the subject. However, some do celebrate the issue of love and are not hard to find!

  • Rise Against- Swing Life Away: One of Chicago’s finest political punk bands, Rise Against surprised fans and critics alike with this track off their third album, Siren Song of the Counter Culture. The acoustic guitar stands in contrast to Tim McIlrath’s decidedly rougher voice, making the song sentimental without being overly so.
  • The Ataris- I.O.U. One Galaxy: Love songs are less surprising from this pop-punk band, but the positive songs are slightly more obscure. Found on the band’s third album, End Is Forever, this track has the emotion down pat with Kris Roe’s lyrics but is not overly emotional with the electric guitars rather than acoustic.
  • The Loved Ones- I Swear: Despite the band name, The Loved Ones are not the type to profusely write about the topic. The song contrasts the time lovers spend apart and the risks involved with the line “I swear/ I will love you until the end.”
  • Alkaline Trio- Nose Over Tail: Alkaline Trio are much more well-known for their darker, more sinister lyrics, but on their first album, Godamnit, this reputation had yet to be established, and a few lighter songs make it to the tracklisting. Considering the band’s later catalogs, this track stands out for its much happier overtones.
  • Blink 182- M&M’s: Long before the band capitalized on being known for their antics, their first single began to establish them as one of the best pop-punk bands of the ’90s. M&M’s is a very sentimental song, which contrasts much of their later music.
  • Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah: Last year, it seemed as though everyone fell in love at the same time- with this song, that is. It’s sweet, sappy, and perfect for occasions that call for that sort of sentiment.
  • Unwritten Law- Cailin: Written for lead singer Scott Russo’s daughter, this song contrasts life before the loved one enters with life afterward. Yes, it’s sappy, but every Valentine’s day soundtrack needs a few of those tracks!

Although some of these songs tend to be the band’s exception to their typical sound, it is in no way an unwelcome change. Though love songs tend to be much harder to find in the pop-punk realm, some bands are willing to prove that it is possible to be a punk band and write good love songs simultaneously.

However, if Valentine’s Day is more a day for hiding under the covers and waiting for the discount chocolate the next day, feel free to check out many lists of anti-love songs, either in the pop or punk realms.

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