Taper Haircut

Taper Haircut

Look no further than the ever-trendy classic taper haircut for a hairstyle that’s both traditional and timeless.

Hairstyles like the traditional taper haircut are low-maintenance yet high-impact, making them ideal for any man’s wardrobe. The best part about it is that you may customize it to fit your tastes and preferences. You can’t go wrong with this look for a man.

All facial shapes and hair types look well in this ensemble, which is both casual and professional at the same time. The traditional taper haircut is ideal if you require a neat haircut for work or simply want a polished look.

What Do I Need For The Classic Taper Haircut?

It is possible to customize the traditional taper haircut to your preference because it is so versatile. As a result, there are no standard length standards for hair. While a quiff-like quiff can be achieved with short, slick hair, a more current look can be achieved with longer hair.

The length is entirely at your discretion. Examine a few of your favorite books and use them as a guide while creating your own.

How To Get The Classic Taper Haircut

When it comes to hairstyles, a traditional taper haircut is a lot like an undercut. While the top is left lengthy, the sides and back are cropped to a tapered length. In contrast, a traditional taper haircut is more formal and old-school.

You’ll need to tell the hairdresser how long you want it to be before you can get started. Two inches is a nice starting point, but it’s up to you.

To achieve a traditional taper haircut, begin by reducing the length of the sides and the back of your head. If you want a progressive taper, make sure to tell the hairdresser how gradual you want it. A hair clipper or shears may be used to create the taper. Depending on your desire, you can use a clipper set as short as #2 or as long as #5.

Where the taper should terminate can also be specified. A long taper to the neck should be achievable with clippers if you desire that look. Ask your hairstylist for a shorter taper that stops around the bottom of the ears if you want that look. To get rid of all the hair below the taper, they might use a straight razor. Ask for a razor trim if you want to keep your hair looking sharp.

Next, ask your hairdresser to clip the hair on top of your head to the length you choose. This might range from a few millimeters to a few feet. For this, you can expect to see scissors in action from your hairdresser.

How To Style The Classic Taper Haircut

How To Style The Classic Taper Haircut

There are a variety of ways to style the traditional taper haircut, so pick one that works best for you. A classic taper haircut, on the other hand, has a few things in common.

There’s no way to go wrong with a side part. The mix of a classic taper haircut and a dramatic part is a successful formula.

Your taper will look its finest with the help of some high-quality hair products. Any standard wax, paste, pomade, or similar substance will do for hair that is shorter than shoulder-length. Products with more grip should be used on longer hair. To give your hair a glossy sheen, pomade or paste are great.

Brush Up With Layered Taper

Here’s a somewhat messy pompadour with a youthful taper on the sides. This cut speaks volumes when paired with a strong jawline and light stubble.

Temple Fade With Layered Push Back

This short haircut is neat and orderly. Although the hair is a little longer than a military hairstyle, the tidiness conveys the same sense of high value.

  1. Classic Textured

This could be the hairstyle for you if you want a little extra texture in your hair. The golden rule of “length on top, short on the sides” is followed in this simple cut, but with extra roughness to contrast the tapered sides.

  1. Brush Up with Taper Side in a Casual Manner

This masculine cut, also known as a faux hawk or a brush-up, uses mild brushing to create a ridge in the center. This is a simple style that’s impossible to fault, especially when paired with a small taper on the sides.

  1. Combed Top with Confidence

If you have a little more time in the morning, you can use the tiniest amount of product to create some pretty unique effects with your top hair. With the short sides, this smooth, floating sweep works nicely.

  1. Quiff with Layers

The sides of this slicked-back quiff are finished with a classic taper. The contrasting style of the high top and closed sides plays on your facial shape for a completely new look.

  1. Beard and classic taper

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best option. This hairstyle appears to be well-kept and well-groomed.

  1. Fade to a classic taper

Looking for a more refined look? Any discerning gentleman looking for a smart haircut will love this one.

  1. Side Combed to Perfection

What a precise and clean cut! This is a style that can be passed down through generations. As sharp as it has always been.

  1. Pompadour Extravagant

This pompadour right here would make the King himself proud! With the sideburns, the shift is seamless.

  1. Brush-Back and Classic Taper

Another scissor cut that’s just right, and it comes with a matching beard. When the weather becomes chilly, a long taper like this provides extra warmth on your head while keeping your look put together and controllable.

  1. Brush Back Quiff with Broken Quiff

This light tapered haircut is everything a man’s haircut should be: youthful, bold, and manly. It complements the face hair well, and the swirly element at the top is a welcome accent.

  1. Medium Scissor Crop with Classic Taper

Another pompadour to add to the collection! If you use a blow dryer to provide some of the volumes you’ll need to pull it off like this, it can assist to style it.

  1. Tapered Sides and Medium Scissor Crop

This medium scissor chop does an excellent job of framing attractive features. Because the top must be brushed to the side and combed backward, it is left longer.

  1. Crop using a Medium Scissor

You should be able to get pretty much anywhere with a scissor cut this length. The taper on this style is pretty much an essential ability for any barber as a typical cut.

  1. Wavy Textured Crop with a Classic Taper

Having wavy hair provides you with a special treatment when it comes to texture, and this crop takes full advantage of it! When picking a haircut, remember to take into account your hair pattern.

  1. Blow Back and Classic Taper

A classic taper with brushed-back medium hair will help you land the job and the person of your dreams! Don’t neglect the classics; a modern tweak, such as a fading or hardline design, might help the style work even better for you.

  1. The Ivy League is an elite group of universities.

One of the most classic taper haircuts is the Ivy League. This vintage haircut is short, uncomplicated, and attractive, and has been a barbershop favorite for decades.

  1. French and Classic Taper with a Lightly Textured Texture

Consider a cut like this if you’re looking for a runway-ready look. This style’s angular texture is both eye-catching and fashion-forward.

  1. Brush Up with a Classic Taper and a Styled Taper

A brush of this length will need some product to hold up, so play around with other textures while you’re at it. They’ve gone with a finger comb in this case, but you could accomplish a similar volume with a brush or comb.

  1. Brush Up on the Front of a Medium Crop

Brush Up On The Front Of A Medium Crop

This trendy look is surprisingly easy to pull off. It’s largely made up of a simple crop, with the hair in front grown out a little so it may be brushed up.

  1. Quiff pushed to the side

This is a traditional taper with unusually long sides. Sure, this cut requires a little more upkeep than the others on the list, but it’s just as cool and gives you a lot of length options.

  1. Part of a classic taper

The classic taper looks great with facial hair, as you can see. Only a thin section at the top separates the hair from the rest of the face. It’s a very great appearance when you combine it with the smooth quiff.

  1. Confidently Combed Back

You want to stand out a little more, don’t you? If you let your top hair grow out a bit, slick it back for an 80s-inspired style. The duality of new vs old in this design may be seen in the significantly shorter side hair than they would have had in the 1980s.

  1. Temple Clipped Taper with Crowded Taper

This is the style for you if you enjoy textured haircuts. The ruffled quality of the cut makes the hair appear longer than it is, so if you want a low-maintenance appearance with a lot of depth, this style will come in handy.

With the help of a side brush, you may achieve a confident taper.

This striking and trendy take on the tapered cut. It has a swooping fringe with a single strand of hair hanging out of place, giving it a distinctive look.

  1. Classic Taper and Side-Comb

Pairing a good business scissor crop with the elegance of a tapered neckline and sideburns is very conventional.

  1. Pompadour in a Loose Style

This towering, voluminous pompadour is an eye-catching design that goes well with a laid-back demeanor. The sleek and bold lineup gives a definition.

  1. Keep going Taper

This is a simple taper that has a joyful, youthful vibe to it. The hair in the front is lightly spiked, creating a tuft of hair that falls somewhere between a traditional spiked style and a brush-up.

  1. Taper with an undercut

Tapers go well with undercuts, and you may be as creative as you want with the style you want. You might go for a textured top, like the one pictured above, or a pompadour.

  1. Scissor Cut with a Brushed Back

Try a scissor cut like this for a full, even head of hair. The hair is trimmed from top to bottom as well as front to back, giving it a neat appearance.

  1. Taper Fade with Elegance

The top appears to have a fine texture and a sophisticated side comb. This is why a taper can never go wrong; everything just comes together beautifully.

  1. Taper Brushed

This is a fantastic taper job! To accomplish that amazing finger comb he’s got going on in the front, the front is kept a touch longer.

  1. Undercut with a Slicked Back

It’s simple to see why this high-contrast design is so popular right now. The uniform taper frames a high-volume quiff with a finger-combed texture.

  1. The Reduction in Regulations

What happens when you modernize a timeless classic? You’ll get a lengthier version of the regulatory cut in this scenario, which allows the hair to flow while yet maintaining definition.

  1. Beard with a classic scissor cut

For school or work, you might desire a casual, low-maintenance look, and this scissor cut with a taper suits the bill beautifully.

FAQ: Taper Hair Cut

  1. What Does A Haircut Taper Mean?

When hair gently transitions from one length to another, it is referred to as a taper. The term “fade” refers to a shorter taper that blends or fades into the skin.

  1. Does A Fade Or A Taper Look Better?

Taper is more likely to be the cut of choice if you’re searching for a safe, unobtrusive look. Consider a fade if you’re searching for something with a little more edge and swagger.

  1. How Long Does It Take To Get A Taper Haircut?

Hair is longer at the top and progressively grows shorter towards the back and sides of the head in a tapered cut. The top of the hair is left around 2-4 inches long in a standard taper haircut, while the remainder of the hair is cut shorter.

  1. What Is A Taper Haircut For Men?

What Is a Taper Haircut and What Does It Mean? A tapered haircut gradually shortens your hair from the top of the head to the nape of the neck and sides of the head, often starting longer at the top and getting shorter as you go down to the natural hairline. A taper’s length might differ.

  1. Should My Hairline Be Tapered?

When a hairline is left natural (tapered in) towards the back, however, the neckline blends into your haircut perfectly. As a result, when your hair begins to grow, it all grows in unison and uniformly. This will extend the life of your haircut and make it appear much better as it matures.

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