Wedding Hairstyles For Round Faces

Wedding hairstyles for round faces

Hairstyles that elongate rather than widen a round face are difficult to come by, as everyone with one knows. When you want to look like a goddess for a particular occasion, like your wedding day, it can be really frustrating. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most flattering haircuts for round faces for brides.

As anyone who has ever tried to style a round face knows, it can be extremely difficult. The wedding is also a momentous day for the entire family. On the big day, we all desire to look our best. In terms of getting ready to look good, we’re big fans of the minute touches. Because nobody wants their hair to look a disaster on their wedding day, we’ve compiled a list of the most flattering round-faced bridal hairstyles.

Dreaming of your wedding day while you’re in bed is a common pastime for newlyweds. Hair that’s adhering to your face makes your round face even more noticeable, even though you’ve got the perfect wedding dress and shoes. You’re looking for a hairstyle that narrows your face, brings out your best features, and makes your cosmetics pop. Your hairstyle should make your face appear longer and thinner rather than rounder.

How To Know If You Have A Round Face

  • In other words, how wide are your brow, cheekbones, and jaw?
  • From the front of your hairline to the base of your chin, determine your height in centimeters.
  • A round face is one in which the widest part of the face is the same breadth as the length of the face.
  • Additionally, you’ll have a rounder, softer jawline instead of an angular one.

Bridal hairstyles that work best for round-shaped faces

A high ponytail with some oomph at the front is what he recommends for your big day.

If you’re going for a laid-back attitude, you can achieve it by balancing the volume and smoothness of your hair. When it comes to brides, “I also find that adding volume on top with an updo with some delicate wisps framing each side of the face works wonders,” says the stylist.

You don’t want to take a chance on your life’s most important day? Rather than reinvent the wheel, rely on the tried-and-true classics. A textured blowout can do wonders for your hair.

Keys To Picking A Good Hairstyle For Round Faces

Keys To Picking A Good Hairstyle For Round Faces

  • By framing the face, bangs make a round face appear more thin and slim. Bangs of various lengths, including front, tapered, side, and side swept bangs, reduce the breadth of the forehead and give your face a more pronounced shape.
  • When it comes to a woman with a round face, long straight hair with layers works wonders. The layers give the jawline a more defined shape.
  • For round faces, long, full curls and waves are ideal. Your face appears thinner because of the fullness of the curls and waves.
  • The textured lob is a great choice for short hair. Allow the rear to be short and the front to be at or below the jawline.
  • If you’re thinking of wearing a bun, opt for one with layers, which will give your hair more volume and slim your face.

What To Avoid When Picking A Hairstyle For A Round Face

  • Cuts without a fringe or with a blunt cut (all hair is the same length) are best avoided since they elongate the face.
  • Short hairstyles should only be worn at your own peril. Short hairstyles aren’t necessarily a terrible thing for women with round faces, but they may not look good on everyone. A short hairstyle complements a round face and slim features. Women with round faces should avoid wearing their hair too short.
  • A round face does not complement frizzy hair. Straight hair is best, although full curls or waves will also work. Also, stay away from hairstyles with zigzags.

Best Bridal Hairstyles For Round Faces

The most popular hairstyles for brides are a stylish bun, a cool braid, or just letting your hair down. There are also a lot of chignon hairstyles around right now.

The Sleeked Back

Your hair will look great with a sleeked-back style, which will also show off the shape of your face. You just need to brush your hair back and tie it in a messy knot or a low bun. But if you want to hide the roundness of your face, leave one or two strands loose and falling from the sides. This will keep the look balanced.

  1. Matching Hair Type: This style looks best on people with wavy hair.
  2. Best Age Group: This style works best for women who are in their late 20s.
  3. Wear a nice long dress or lehenga in this style to go with your hair.
  4. Best Time: This style works well for wedding receptions and parties before the wedding.
  5. Best Time to Try It: Summer is a great time to try out this style.

The Front Bouffant Low Bun

It’s common for people with round faces to benefit greatly from utilising a front pouffe. When you have a prominent frontal puffiness, it helps to balance off your face’s roundness. To hold the front puff in place, you may either use the teasing method or simply give it a nudge. With the remaining hair, create a basic braid or a ponytail. Popular for round faces, this is an ideal bridal hairdo.

  1. Matching Hair Type: This style will work best for those with hair that’s straight and smooth.
  2. Women in their 30s and 40s are the best candidates for this haircut.
  3. This haircut looks great with a long western robe.
  4. Dress for receptions and cocktail parties in this way.
  5. The best times to experiment with this look are during the summer and monsoon seasons.

French Fringes

For middle-aged women attending a wedding, this is one of the greatest wedding hairstyles for round faces. This style can be used by women who want to look classy, elegant, and high-class on their wedding day or at a party. Make a high-class top knot at the back with your French fringes.

  1. This can be worn by everyone, regardless of their hair type, because it’s so versatile.
  2. Women in their 30s and 40s are the best age group to experiment with this look.
  3. Wear a beautiful sari or outfit to make a statement in this room.
  4. Weddings are the ideal setting for this aesthetic.
  5. Summers and winters are also good times to experiment with this look.

The Elegant Bun

What You Need

  • Clips
  • Small elastic bands
  • Band of doughnuts
  • Clip-on earrings
  • Pearls on a string


  • Make three portions, the largest of which is in the middle. Trim the edges with a pair of scissors. Make a high ponytail out of the middle part.
  • Put a donut band under your ponytail and secure it in place with hair pins. To hide the donut band, lower the ponytail and arrange the hair over it. Use an elastic band to keep it in place.
  • Fold the stray hair from one side beneath the ponytail and carefully incorporate it into the bottom ponytail. Using a hair pin, secure it in place and let the rest of the hair fall into place.
  • Using the last section of hair, integrate it into the middle. To keep it in place, wrap it around the chignon bun and secure it with hair pins on the ends. Wear a pearl necklace with it for more glam.

Simple Side Braid

What You Need

  • Curling iron
  • Hairspray
  • Elastic band


  • A little fringe is all that is needed to begin braiding your hair from the side.
  • Add more hair to the braid as you go along until your entire head is included within the side braid.
  • Pulling on the hair gently loosens the braid.
  • Use a curling iron to curl the side fringe. Hairspray is a must.
  • Pearls and flowers are perfect for accessorizing.

The Two Rose Bun

What You Need

  • Elastic bands
  • Rat tail comb
  • Hairpins
  • Clips


  • When styling your hair, divide it into two portions and clip the top section.
  • Wrap an elastic band around the lower section and braid it until the finish.
  • With a few gentle tugs on the hair, loosen the braid.
  • It’s just like the bottom section.
  • Make a bun out of the first section and secure it with a bobby pin. Make a rose out of the bun by folding it flat.
  • Pinning the bottom section of the following section will help keep it in place as you fold it up.

The Side Accent Braid With Curls

The Side Accent Braid With Curls

What You Need

  • Rat tail comb
  • Elastic bands
  • Hair pins
  • Chignon bun maker or donut bun band


  • Make a side parting, then braid a little section of the hair from the side.
  • Loosen the braid even further by pulling on it.
  • It’s time to secure it to the wall.
  • This haircut can be dressed up or down, depending on your personal preference. Alternatively, you can wear your complete head of hair in a bun.
  • Take your entire head of hair and secure it in a low ponytail.
  • Placing the bun maker or donut bun band under the ponytail is an easy way to create a chignon.
  • Bun maker: Allow the ponytail to fall over the top. The bun maker should be hidden from view.
  • After that, secure it in a ponytail.
  • It’s now time to twirl and pin up any remaining strands that remain, tucking them in and hiding them from view.
  • Make it your own.

The French Braid Bun

What You Need

  • Comb
  • Elastic band
  • Hairpins


  • Flip your hair in front of you and over your head. Starting at the nape of your neck, begin French braiding your hair and stop midway through.
  • Tie a high ponytail and then twist it into a tidy bun.
  • Hairpins can be used to keep it in place.
  • Accessorize.

The Curly Bun

What You Need

  • Hairpins
  • Section clips
  • Rat tail comb


  • Make a bun at the crown with all of your hair.
  • Divide the rest of your hair into two sections. Afterward, style your hair as desired.
  • Leave the other half of the hair untwisted and pin it halfway up the middle. Repeat the same with the remaining half.
  • Start twisting the top half of the hair halfway down. Use a pin to secure it. Place all three fractions’ tips neatly together so that their curls can be seen.
  • Make it your own.


People with round face shapes realize how difficult it is to find a haircut that makes their face appear slimmer and longer. The correct hairdo may make you appear like a princess on your big day, even if it seems impossible. To achieve a great hairstyle, either opt for a bohemian braid or an elegant chignon. Short or blunt hairstyles can make your face appear rounder, so avoid them at all costs. With the right hair care and accessories, you can ensure that your hair will look its best on your big day.


  1. What is a round face shape, and how to know if you have one?

A round face is one of the most common face shapes, with the same breadth and length all the way around. Narrow chins and large cheeks characterize round faces. Check if your forehead and jawline are the same widths with no harsh edges to see if you have a round face.

  1. How to pick the perfect hairstyle for a round face?

A hairstyle that complements your dress and highlights and accentuates your most beautiful face characteristics is essential for those with round faces. Opt for a sloppy updo with flowers or a puffed hairstyle that adds volume if you want to create the illusion of a long, oval face.

  1. Which hairstyles should round faces avoid?

When it comes to hairstyles for round-faced women, avoid anything that draws attention to the cheeks or the sides, such as a sleek ponytail or short bob. The wide-to-shorter form created by these hairstyles is unappealing, so avoid them at all costs.

Hairstyles like a dramatic combover or a half-up, half-down haircut in soft curls will pull attention away from your cheekbones while adding volume up top and highlighting your jawline. Don’t forget to have fun with your hair, no matter what type of round-face bridal hairstyle you decide on.

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