What to Know about Cougar Women

What to Know about Cougar Women

You may think of cougar women as people who belong to Alcoholics Anonymous or something similar, but they are not addicts. They don’t automatically have an addiction to someone younger than them, and cougars also do not refer to Patagonia’s wild animals.

A cougar is a confident, self-sufficient, and independent woman who happens to have a thing with younger men. You can view sites about cheating cougars review to learn more about preventing joining illegitimate platforms out there. And when it comes to dating an older woman, this is something that many enjoy because they are slightly different.

An example is that someone may be a widow married for almost two decades. With all the children already grown up, one may wonder more about her prospects in the dating world. It may be time for them for a little adventure, and it’s not surprising that the majority of the men who approach them are younger than 35.

These guys are usually young, upbeat, smart, and funny. Some look to be physically fit and at the prime of their lives. They may genuinely enjoy the cougar’s company, listen to them, and plan to take them to bed. If you’re planning to date one, you may want to know some secrets about their lives.

1. The Cougars are always Taking Care of Themselves

A woman who is in her early 40s may find that exercising can be beneficial to her. They aim always to take care of their looks, exude a sexier aura, and ensure that they have the energy to do many things. You will rarely see gray hairs on them, and they always aim to fight the gravitational pull of aging signs. Know more about aging signs on this page here.

It’s normal for them to feel more comfortable on their skin, and they wear their clothes confidently. Their body languages are confident, and they have excellent postures. When she enters a bar, you may be charmed instantly with her, and others will certainly notice her presence.

2. They Ooze Self-Esteem and Confidence

They can discuss a lot of things under the sun, they ooze intelligence and are highly communicative. Any man who wants to approach them should respect them as cougars can perfectly entertain themselves and are not afraid to be alone.

They don’t depend on others for happiness and feelings of completeness. They have this quality that attracts the younger generations because there’s no sense of clinginess in them. Many are not looking for husband material since they have gotten past this stage, and they know that their biological clocks are not running out of time.

3. They are Self-Sufficient

If you are lucky to land a date with a cougar, you can expect them to pay for their dinner. They don’t usually expect men to wine and dine them, but this is not to say that you should not offer to pay. When they want to watch movies, book tickets for travel, or get a table at a local restaurant, they can make the arrangements without anyone’s help.

4. You may Enjoy their Spontaneity

They may want to leave the party in the early hours of the morning, and some of the time, they will spend five minutes at an event and say goodbye. Their flexibility is endless because they don’t have many obligations to attend to. Any last-minute plans can be accommodated, but they may not have the ability to commit in advance. In essence, they know when to stay as long as they’re having a good time and know when to leave.

5. They are Perfect in the Bedroom

Their years and experience are invaluable, especially when it comes to sex. Know more about them here. You can have a good time with them in the bedroom, and they know how to please. You can learn a thing or two from them, and energy from younger men makes them want to give more.

The cougars are not usually shy to communicate their needs to their younger bed partner, making a passionate encounter. These women are not looking for serious commitments, and many of them are already busy with their jobs and families. But, one thing is for sure, you can enjoy their companies and learn a lot if you choose the right ones out there.


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