Creating A Fabulous Hairstyle With Bumpits 2

Creating a Fabulous Hairstyle with Bumpits

Do you want to have celebrity hair? Then get Bumpits! Bumpits are plastic inserts that are firmly placed in your hair for an elegant look. Bumpits are great and easy to use! My wife recently bought bumpits, and at first, she could not figure out how to use them. My daughter somehow figured it out and helped her mom.

These are easy steps on inserting painless plastic inserts that firmly fit into your hair, giving you the perfect lift and celebrity hair. When you buy Bumpits from nearby stores, the package comes with one large, one medium, and one small bump. They all follow the same instructions, but depending on which one you choose, you will have to pick up a different amount of hair each time for your hairstyle.

Here are easy steps:

  1. First, you have to part your hair at the crown, directly over the ears, and tease your hair with a comb a little bit. The section that you have picked up should be about 2 inches deep.
  2. Next, firmly place the bumpit of your size right where the hair parts. Ensure that the hair you are holding covers the bumpit completely and will not reveal any bumpit. You can always add more hair over the bumpit.
  3. Now gently take the hair and cover the bump with it and add more hair if necessary. At this point, you can make whatever hairstyle you want. You can leave it loose, secure with bobby pins, or place a headband. Whatever you do, be sure to spray your hair with hairspray so that the bumpit can stay.

There are many different ways of styling your hair with the bumpits. They are very easy to use and bring out. You can wear bump its anywhere and every day. With bumpits, it is never too much, and sometimes you can put two bumpits at once to create today’s hottest styles. People of any age can use them. They are perfect for teens, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. Bumpits gives any look that you are looking for. Bumpits can be found anywhere, in nearby stores like Walgreen and Target, or places like the mall. Many people use bumpits as their everyday style or just for special occasions and special parties. There are many videos on using Bumpits on websites like

Creating A Fabulous Hairstyle With Bumpits 1

Here are some ideas on using different bumpits:

  • You can use the small bump to “bump up” your bangs and then place another small bump toward the back of your hair, so your hair isn’t a bump and then flat; it will have more volume. Or you can bump up your bangs and secure them with bobby pins. You can even use the small bump it and then lock in a high pony.
  • When using the medium bumpits, you can do a half up half down look. To do that, secure the medium bumpit and then grab both sides of your hair and then secure with bobby pins. Or you can pick up all the hair in a pony.
  • With the bigger sized bumpits, you can lock it in and then place a large-sized headband. With that look, you can leave it like that, or also add a pony.

There are many other ways too, and when you buy bumpits, it comes with a book with different hairstyles and ways to make your hair. Bumpits are the easiest way to make an elegant, classy, or fabulous look, using just one or more plastic inserts.

You can wear almost any hairstyle you want because you have a great face shape. You can wear shorter or longer hairstyles; however, you should still avoid having too much volume of hair on your face, which hides the beauty of your face.

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