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Other than K-pop stars and dramas, what comes to your mind when you hear “Korea”? If you are a cosmetics addict, you will most perhaps be thinking about “Korean cosmetics, obviously!” From their very adorable packaging to their various tasks benefits, everything is so perfect. Korean cosmetics looks have been proven so trendy, and love for K-beauties is thought to be going ahead even in 2021. We’re assembling some essential makeup tips for you that you can find useful for becoming a k-beauty. You’ll have the option to gain proficiency with the basic trends of K- makeup and how to do it without hiring a professional makeup artist.

Set Up Your Skin with A Moisturizer

The Koreans are generally well known for their radiant and dewy skin. Surprisingly, it is not completely created using highlighters and high coverage foundations. The way to achieve Korean ‘glass skin’ is ensuring that your skin is hydrated and well moisturized. Thus, it is essential to moisturize your skin in time consistently. If your skin is dry, you can use a leave-on night mask cream to give you the additional support help you need.

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Try a Peach Blossom Eyes Look

Talking about peach, Korean ladies additionally prefer to mix peach-hued or rosy outlines around their eyes explicitly. Why? The impact makes it seem as though you may have quite recently cried, which is a quality that makes you more appealing in Korea. I certainly don’t feel sexy just after crying, so actually, this is something I discover inspirational.

Try the Puppy Dog Eyes

In Korea, ladies are mostly about puppy dog eyes. For achieving this style, you should keep your eye open while winging your liner and afterward bring it marginally downward. It would help if you had it to look normally long and marginally bent down.

Fake Eye Bags

In Korea, the little pocket of fat that creases under your eyes when you smile is called ego sal. The muscle jumps out when you’re smiling, and it makes you look cuter. To complement your own aegyo sal, apply a highlighter right under your eye and afterward a marginally hazier shadow directly under to emphasize it.


The angle lip trend has gained control over the world, which was originated in Korea. It makes your lips look fuller and then makes them look like it is just-bitten. The essential rule behind an angle lip is to utilize a hazier shade on the inward lips, and afterward, use a lip brush, a cotton bud, or your finger to mix it outwards to form the gradient look.

Bb Cream or Cushion Compacts

Since this Korean makeup’s fundamental point is to be snappy and simple, we suggest that you try a BB cream or cushion compacts. Both consist of cosmetics and skincare into one helpful recipe, so you’d have the option to hydrate your skin while applying foundation and concealer simultaneously. The all in one BB cushions are particularly convenient if you travel very frequently or need to finish up your makeup as quickly as possible.


Bonus video: American VS Korean Style Makeup – 2017

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