Things men practically shouldn’t do on their dates

Things men practically shouldn’t do on their dates

Dating for you is perhaps pretty common. But ending that date perfectly and pleasantly isn’t what you experience every time. Often you yourself experience and even your friends complain about how your girlfriend stormed out of the restaurant angrily or how it all ended in a not so pleasant way. But well, you can’t blame the girl always! Have you been introspective? Have you caused the blunder? Did you in any way goof up your dates? And maybe, that is the reason you are still looking for a good girl in your life.

 What not to do during your dates?

OK, so you are ready to get hooked up again. Naturally, you are browsing dating websites like Australian Asian Singles to date Japanese girls or whoever may seem perfect to you. No doubt, you will find many such great matches from their site because they provide personalized help to you in finding one for yourself. But as you set off for your first date, remember not to do the below-listed things at all if you want your date to end well and the relationship to last longer than a few meet-ups.

1. Make her wait for too long — Getting late anywhere is unethical. But imagine being late on your date! Well, you had spoilt the date even before it started! So, the next time you have a date, keep a reminder on your phone, and you dare not ignore it at any cost.

2. Smell bad — Ok, it is understandable that you are just back from work and going for a date directly. But remember to spray a good deodorant, at least. It would help if you didn’t ever step in for such a meeting looking all tangled and smelling bad. And remember, not smelling bad also includes giving some time to have a mouth freshener! 

 3. Get yourself drunk — We know the ambiance is great, the occasion is awesome, and your partner looks stunning. But that doesn’t mean that you should get drunk because of the immense joy you are feeling. That would be the biggest blunder.

 4. Get her to drink forcibly — Raising a toast to your newly built relationship is good. But don’t ever force her into drinking if she doesn’t want to!  Maybe, she isn’t comfortable drinking in front of you, or there may be other reasons. In short, if she doesn’t like alcohol, leave her on her own. Well, that’s what a gentleman does!

 5. Don’t be busy on your mobile — That’s the primary reason why most males spoil their dates. You are always busy on your mobile, and obviously, this irritates the lady sitting in front of you. She demands total attention from you, and you should oblige.

 6. Talk about yourself the whole time — A date means knowing each other. But if you are always bragging about yourself and don’t even give her the chance to talk, will it work? Of course, no! Be an intent listener and a light speaker and know each other well.

 7. Be rude or arrogant — If you think women like attitude and arrogance, you are quite mistaken. Women actually like polite and calm men and wouldn’t be impressed if you are rude to the waiter and arrogant to the chauffeur. Try to mind your manners, and of course, this would impress the lady with you.

 8. Don’t talk about your ex — Ok, we know that you are probably just out of your old relationship. And maybe your previous partner was really very stunning. But this doesn’t mean that you need to talk about her all the time during your date with your new partner. This would certainly offend her. Also, you are now ready to move on with a new relationship. So, it is not right to talk about your ex-girlfriend and live in the past.

Things men practically shouldn’t do on their dates 2

 9. Judge her appearance — We call it basic manners – it is certainly not right to judge any other individual based on their appearance, dress, or anything. We hope you are not doing the same on your date. No matter whatever your partner is wearing and whatever way she is carrying her dress, you have no right to exclaim rudely about it. And this may even destroy your date the instant it starts.

10.  Stare at other ladies — They always say men would be men! Why? Because they aren’t satisfied with just one partner and want to talk and date almost every one of them. And if you are no different from them and are staring at that sexy woman at the opposite table, aren’t you destroying your date? Let’s hope that your female partner hasn’t caught you till now and left storming away from the restaurant.

 11. Force her for sex — Sex is an important part of all relationships. But you can’t jump on the bed when it’s just your first or second date. So, control yourself and don’t force her to get physical with you when she isn’t yet ready for the same. She may actually get scared and leave the journey here and move away from you.

 12. Boast and brag about yourself — You may be a genius in your studies and an excellent employee at a very high post in your company. But it doesn’t mean that you have to brag and boast about your qualities and your position in front of your partner. This would certainly bore her, and she will think of you as a very bragging person and may not want to meet you the next time.

 13. Ask too many questions — Well, let’s accept a fact. You are on a date and not in an interview. It’s absolutely not right to ask too many questions to your partner and make her feel insecure.

 14. Being a male chauvinist—Male chauvinism is prevalent and often is a very prominent reason for breakups and dates going flop. So, you definitely don’t want yours to be the same. That is why never try to judge her based on her gender and display your male chauvinist attitude in front of her.

These things do appear very insignificant to you. But it can turn into a huge disaster and cause lots of quarrels and fights at the end of every date. And when you go for a date, you definitely want it to turn out better and pleasant for both of you. But you can destroy it all with these attitudes — and that is why staying away from all these pointers is so very important for you.




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