Is It Possible To Maintain A Worklife Balance

Is it Possible to Maintain a Work/Life Balance?

If there is one aspect of modern life that many of us wish we could change, it is finding a workable solution for the work-life conundrum. Unfortunately, a solution is not as readily apparent as we would hope.

Some experts have offered valuable advice to solve the work-life balance problem; although some guidance is apparent, it may never have occurred to us. The article presents several causes and solutions to the work-life balance problem.

Look for More Flexibility in Your Current Position

Randall S. Hansen, PhD, in Quint, recommends “negotiating a change with your current employer.” This can include asking for more flexible hours, telecommuting, or switching to part-time (although this last one should only be used if necessary).

This may be a good starting point, but it may not always prove successful. In that case, perhaps it is time to consider a more drastic change.

Consider Changing Careers

In some cases, the only way to fix your life-work balance is to find a new career. This is especially true if your current occupation is so stressful that it is exhibiting an unnecessarily negative impact on your family life. This, however, does not always mean that you have to leave your current employer.

There may be other positions available within your current organization; it merely requires doing some research or contacting your human resources department. This could also be part of negotiating. There may even be other options that you may not have considered.

Perhaps your immediate supervisor may have some advice to point you towards other areas within your current organization.

Avoid the Trap of Workaholism

In some cases, avoiding life for work may be a prison of our creation. We can quickly become workaholics without even realizing it. The reason may be that you thrive on work, or it can come from an even darker place; fear of failure or of losing your job.

This problem may be more widespread the previously believed. For example, it has been reported that a third of all working-age Canadians have identified themselves as workaholics.

Even though this proportion of the population is aware of the problem, they are more apt to complain about the negative impact on their life balance than do something about it. Some people see this as a requirement of their positions and have become complaisant.

It does not have to be this way. If you are trapped in the workaholic paradox, it is not too late to change and perhaps consider one of the previously mentioned options.

Complete a Self Assessment

There are some methods available to determine whether you are at risk of letting your job take over your personal life. One excellent example is a quiz available from the Canadian Mental Health Association. The test ranks your balance using a 15 point system and offers tips for improving your current situation if your score is low (a low score being 5 out of 15).

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