Waking Up In A Good Mood Simple Ways To Freshen Your Day

Waking Up in a Good Mood: Simple Ways to Freshen Your Day

Every day is a gift, but sometimes they do not seem like it. It is not always fun waking up. You feel tired, lousy, and not wanting to do anything or see anyone. Sometimes you have a good reason to wake up in a bad mood; sometimes, you do not. So what can you do?

Well, here are a couple of ways to waking up feeling fresh in the morning.

1 Wake Up Naturally

Try to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock at least once a week. Waking up naturally helps the body to adjust from deep sleep to a calm awakening slowly. Let the sunshine through open curtains or shades wakes you up.

If the light floods in early, use the extra time to plan your day mentally. If it is winter, Sun Alarm can be the right solution. Combining the features of a traditional alarm clock, Sun Alarms have a special built-in light that gradually increases in intensity, simulating a natural sunrise.

2 Wake Me up Music

In the morning, play some music while having a hot, steamy shower. Never have the music playing too loud. Choose a piece that starts very quietly and builds up slowly to higher volume. Try an Indian raga specifically created for morning playing. Inspired by nature and reflecting the sounds of birds, rivers, and winds, Indian raga produces a meditative mood and relieves stress.

3 Engage All Five Senses

Each morning is truly a gift. The sight of the sunshine, the sound of traffic outside, the feel of the towel, the taste of fresh juice, the smell of toast – engage each sense in turn as the brain-signals flood in.

4 Today is a Special Occasion

Often the way we dress reflects our mood. Put on something nice, do not save it for a special occasion, today is a special occasion. Add a splash of color to your day. Pick a color that resonates with your mood or goals that day: red is associated with courage and passion, yellow with sunlight and optimism, blue with openness and calm, green with balance and tranquility, and white with purity and spiritual peace.

5 Always Eat Breakfast

A generous, healthy breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, sets you up for the day, and replaces lost fuel after the night’s “fast.” Drink fresh fruit juice for breakfast to provide you with a concentrated supply of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to enhance your body’s immunity and general well-being.

Try to limit yourself to one coffee in the morning if you cannot break the habit entirely. Consumed in excess, coffee over-stimulates the adrenal glands, leaving you irritable and nervy.

Planning your mornings using these tips will help you boost your mood naturally. It does not take much to boost your mood and start your day stress-free. Your call!

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