Perfect Hairstyles For A Full Head Of Wavy, Thin Hair 1

Perfect Hairstyles for a Full Head of Wavy, Thin Hair

I’m a hair stylist’s worst nightmare. I have masses and masses of hair, but it isn’t thick hair. Each strand (and there are tons of them) is painfully thin, meaning that it’s difficult to go with a traditional hairstyle. Add in some wave, but not enough to call it to curl, and I’m trouble. Over the years, I’ve tried at least a dozen hairstyles and have finally found the best choice for someone with a lot of thin, wavy hair.

Don’t go short

Stick to a hairstyle that is at least longer than chin length. I’ve made the mistake of thinking I wanted a short, sleek hairstyle, and it was a disaster. A full head of wavy hair does not lend itself to a super short cut.

Add layers

Add layers in to maximize your waves. Though this often adds too much body to a full head of hair, it can work in your favor when your strands are thin.

Skip the blowdryer

My worst hair days are the ones where I blow dry my hair. It doesn’t get out enough of the wave to leave the style sleek, and often the resulting frizz can be unmanageable. If you want to capitalize on your natural waves, let your hair dry naturally, add a bit of styling mud, and go.

Buy a decent hair straightener

One of the best hair styling choices I’ve ever made was to invest in a high-quality hair straightener. Though the price may seem steep, it’s an absolute must for someone with a lot of hair–it cuts my straightening time in half.

Straighten your hair once or twice a week

Straightening your hair is a great idea when you have some waves and a full head of hair. It makes masses of hair more manageable, gives you a sleek style, and, when done correctly, can last for at least two days with minimal touch-ups.

Always carry sunglasses and a ponytail holder

These are necessities when dealing with a full head of hair. Sunglasses are a convenient and stylish way to keep long hair out of your face. A ponytail holder can always come in handy when you need to get your hair completely out of the way.

Keep these tips in mind, and your hair will always look fashionable and well maintained.

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