Pixie Bob Haircut

Pixie Bob Haircut

Pixie bob haircuts are more low-maintenance than a classic bob because their longest point is somewhere around the chin, and they are more versatile than a classic pixie because the longer hair game has fewer styling limitations.

With a pixie bob, you can quickly and easily tame your hair into a chic, sophisticated style that is appropriate for work, social events, and your daily routine.

Having a pixie bob is a great option for women who live in hot and humid climates because it streamlines their beauty routine. Pixie cuts are versatile, and can be worn with either edgy or refined attire.

Many famous women, including Emilia Clarke, Jessica Alba, Mia Farrow, Shailene Woodley, Scarlett Johansson, and even Audrey Hepburn, have experimented with short, choppy bobs. It’s your turn to do something now. Check out these pictures of modern takes on the pixie bob and see if any of them appeal to you.

How to Cut Pixie Bob

Step 1: Cut your hair to shoulder length while it is damp to make the process easier. Since you intend to style it afterward, it doesn’t matter how neatly or neatly you cut your hair. If your hair is extremely long, pull it back into a ponytail and trim it just below the hairband.

Step 2: Comb your hair and draw it into a V shape around the center of your hairline. If you want a multipurpose cut, use the rat’s tail comb to section off the front and back of your hair, and then comb through on both sides.

Step 3: Trim the sides of your top hair, integrate it by combing it up, and then gradually cut it. As it simulates a bob haircut and gives the impression of a fuller hairline, many ladies favor a fluffier top.

Step 4: Cut your hair with an undercut along the bottom. To acquire a precise piece, utilize a razor or shaving equipment. This style will also provide the appearance of a broader hairline.

What does a pixie bob look like?

A pixie bob haircut combines the characteristics of a traditional pixie cut and a bob cut for women’s short hair. These edgy haircuts typically have a contour more akin to bob and a length between the ear and neck (like a pixie). A bob pixie seductive wedge often has long layers in the front and a shorter back half. Cute pixie cuts often have textured fringes and layered bangs as well.

Before Getting a Pixie Bob Haircut: Things to Think About

Although this haircut is definitely stunning, would it look good on you? Before making a choice, there are a few factors to take into account about this haircut. Before scheduling a haircut appointment, consider the following information on pixie bobs.

  • Super short hair requires a particular hairstyle. Pixie bobs might be difficult to style if you’re used to wearing your hair in a longer shape. It’s nice that there’s so much less hair, but you may need to adjust your usual curling or straightening process to account for the new style. Get a tiny flat iron made specifically for short hair and see our instructions on how to curl extremely short hair.
  • Cut it so you may air dry it whenever you want. Some cuts are stunning but require daily heat styling because of the numerous layers they have. Inform your stylist that you want a cut that can handle sporadic air-drying and has long or few layers to make your life easier. You’ll find it easier, and it’s better for your hair!
  • Some styles won’t be available to you. Ponytails, buns, and various braids may be difficult to achieve at the pixie/bob length. If it is a problem, then you should cut your hair such that you have some length left so that you can draw it back.
  • Your friends are the hairpieces. Adding a headband, clip, hair tie, scarf, or wrap to your new hairstyle is a simple way to switch up your look. Additionally, they come in handy for terrible hair days, especially if your hair is too short to pull back.
  • Think about growing your hair shorter after a bob. Get a bob that hits just below your chin and test how you like it before committing to the shorter pixie cut. You could end up loving the chin-length cut, but if you’re still craving a change, the pixie bob is a super adorable option!

Messy Pixie Bob

If you’re feeling bold, how about some tenderness? This unconventional, messy pixie cut evokes such divergent yet positive feelings in us. Even if your hair is a hot mess, it doesn’t have to be a reflection of the rest of your life. This haircut, despite it looks difficult at first glance, is actually rather simple. Your hair can be styled in a few minutes with a hairdryer. You get the haircut of your dreams and get to show it off in public every day without anybody knowing how you managed to achieve such a high level of hairstyle perfection so rapidly. Take a look at the mirror and the images. Tell me what it says. Perhaps a short, choppy bob cut is in order? Keep in mind that you have complete leeway to try out the most fantastic colors.

Pixie Bob For Blonde Girls

A pixie cut in all-blonde colors is the epitome of beauty, therefore blonde women are in luck. The pixie bob haircuts of the past, both short and long, are now equally attractive. This style brings out the soft, feminine, and delicate qualities of blonde hair. Light balayage and ombre are always flattering, so it’s no surprise that women keep requesting them. What do you think of these layered bob cuts for short hair? Just in case, you can have one of them. Get a pixie cut with varying colors of blonde dye, and prepare to be the talk of the town.

Brunette Girls’ Pixie Bob

The secret to true elegance is hidden in the depths of a dark color. Do you think that the pixie bob, like the chameleon, takes on a different appearance with each different shade of hair? Black represents the timelessness of classics, and our goal is to breathe new life into time-tested designs with our inventiveness and ingenuity. You can save yourself the time and money of hair color by remembering that every pixie cut looks great on natural black hair after glancing at these photographs. Short layered bob haircuts for thick hair are experts at making even fine hair appear full and voluminous, so even if you have thin hair, no one will notice.

Head Scarf Pixie-Bob Haircut

The benefits of pixie bob haircuts that are held in place with glitzy hair accessories are not widely known among women. First of all, these adorbs have more to offer you than just a one-of-a-kind look. You can use them to ensure that your hairdo will last all day. The best part is that it is effective on any and all hair types. After you’ve finished styling your hair with your favorite scarf, it will retain its shape and volume whether you’re trying to add volume to fine hair or tame down thick strands.

Pixie-Bob Braided Flirty And Girly

Nothing appears to be less difficult than braiding the sides of a blonde pixie cut. Braids are timeless and can always be used to spice up your hair, regardless of your hair length, when all other styling products and equipment have failed. A pixie bob hairstyle lends itself well to a variety of braiding styles, including a side braid, a diagonal braid that passes over or under the crown, or no braid at all. Try to keep in mind that not all impressively original styles necessitate extensive effort.

It’s silly to be terrified of new experiences. If you liked one of these suggestions, then implement it. It’s possible to get sick of all the praise you’re receiving.

Side Swept Pixie Bob

This is a pixie bob variation that is so easy and chic, any lady can rock it, no matter what her hair texture or length is like. One side of their hair is neatly tucked behind their ears, while the other side is swept to one side in a carefree fashion. Add some oversized studs to round off this pixie cut.

Side Undercut Pixie Bob

Side Undercut Pixie Bob

A pixie bob might mean something different to different women. While some prefer it neat and tidy, others prefer it tousled and messy. But how do we say goodbye? The majority of women agree that following their hairdresser’s advice is the best method to split their hair. Although it’s a smart move, the manner you choose to split your hair can have a major impact on how it appears. And here is your chance to demonstrate your uniqueness. Get your hair cut as usual, and then try flipping it gently to one side. A little bit of side-swept styling can give your look the boost it needs, while also giving you a cute, out-of-balance look that will go with a wide variety of your clothing.

Pixie Bob with Long Wavy Bangs

The pixie bob cut, with its long, flowing bangs, is both cute and sensual. Women who like unconventional haircuts and have fine hair will benefit from textured waves. For those in their twenties who are tired of the same old hairstyles, this is the one to try.


Pixie bobs look wonderful on a wide variety of hair colors, textures, and lengths, but like any hairstyle, the key is that you feel confident and beautiful in it. Explore the many options for styling a short bob by looking through our gallery of pictures. Reading this list of things to think about before getting this haircut will give you a better understanding of what to expect.

Pixie bobs are great if you’re ready to try short hair but want some extra length at the top and front for versatility. This is a chic new style that will complement whatever you’re wearing.

Pixie Bob Haircut: Frequently Asked Questions

What face shape is best for a pixie haircut?

Most pixie cut styles also look excellent on people with round, square, and heart-shaped faces. It’s important to consider the pixie cut’s texture and shape while styling hair for diverse facial shapes. Particular pixie cuts with angles and bangs, for instance, are the only ones that will help round faces look less so.

Is a Karen haircut a pixie bob?

The traditional Karen cut is an inverted lob or bob, sometimes called an A-line. You can achieve the “I need to talk to the manager” look with an angled pixie bob that is longer up front and shorter in the back. It’s up to you how you wear your bob pixie cut.

What Is the Difference Between Long and Short Pixie Bobs?

Pixie bobs are versatile and easy to style, and the longer they are, the more options you have for how to wear them. Many women favor the long pixie bob because of its adaptability; the cut can be worn in a variety of ways, from sleek and sophisticated to fun and flirty. A short pixie bob cuts down on your styling options but provides you with an easy-to-manage, low-maintenance hairdo.

How Much Time Does It Take a Pixie to Grow Out?

In order to maintain the short length of pixie-cut hair, it grows rather quickly. Therefore, a few months’ worths of growth should be sufficient to outgrow it. One to two months are required for a shorter pixie bob, while three to four months are necessary for a longer pixie cut.

Are Short Pixie Bob and Pixie Cut the Same?

It’s true that in terms of length, these two cuts are identical. In contrast, the top of a pixie bob has much more volume and definition, particularly around the forehead, than the rest of the cut. Think about your hair’s natural texture while deciding between a pixie bob and a traditional pixie cut. Women with thick hair should try the first option, while women without thick hair should go with a standard pixie cut.

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