Bareminerals Foundation Review And Tips

bareMinerals Foundation Review and Tips

Bare Escentuals has revolutionized the makeup world with its 100% mineral makeup, but is it worth all the hype?


First and foremost, this foundation is almost invisible on the skin. With so many shades and the possibility to mix shades to get a true match, getting your true color is never an issue. Plus, unlike many foundations, bareMinerals comes in shades that match the lightest skin to the darkest (or deepest, as they call it).

Because it’s a powder, it blends like a dream, and with the included brushes, you can’t go wrong. It looks great in pictures and the video.

You are concealing dark circles, and such is not an issue. The same shade can be used for both Foundation and Concealer, and the coverage is buildable so that you get the coverage you need or want.

It’s safe for sensitive skin and will not make you break out. Often, it helps the look of skin, even after it’s taken off. Pores are minimized, and skin is smoother from use. The added SPF 15 is just even better.


It is a powder, so those with dry skin may need to use a little more moisturizer than usual not to show dry spots. Those with very oily faces may also face problems with the powder mixing with oils in the skin and settling into fine lines. This is an issue with most foundations on oily skin, and the best solution is to apply a mattifier to the face before foundation (or buy new bareMinerals Foundation Matte).

How to Use

With the lid closed, turn the container upside down and tap a few times. Then turn it right-side up and remove the lid. There should be some foundation powder stuck to the lid.

Swirl the bareMinerals Face Brush into the foundation, tap off the excess, and buff onto the face with circular motions. Use the Concealer Brush to put another layer of powder on trouble spots, and then buff again with the Face Brush.

If you have an oily face, use bareMinerals Foundation in Matte. Finish off by buffing a Mineral Veil layer (or Hydrating Mineral Veil for those with dry skin) with the Face Brush. The Kabuki Brush can be used for both the foundation (if you need more coverage) and the Mineral Veil (if you need more shine control).

Tips and Tricks

  • Shine Control: Most people, no matter the skin type, have oily T-zones (the forehead and nose areas). One way to cut down on shine (besides the Matte foundation) is to apply a thin layer of original Mineral Veil underneath the foundation. Apply a thin layer with the Face Brush or a heavier layer with the Kabuki brush for more shine control. You can also use the Concealer Brush to dab extra on the problem areas like the tip of the nose. Keep oil blotting papers ready to control oil throughout the day. Rubbing these on your face will take off the powder, so instead, press the papers into the skin to just absorb oil and keep the makeup from smudging.
  • Powder Power:¬†Once you put on the powder foundation, everything on top needs to be in powder form (eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer, and blush). If you are wearing gel or cream blush, it’s best to wear it underneath the foundation. Cream, gel, liquid, and mousse eyeshadow should be avoided altogether if using powder foundation.
  • Eyeshadow Base: Whether or not you use bareMinerals as the foundation, you can always use it as an eyeshadow base. A quick dab of bareMinerals foundation on the eyelids will keep eyeshadow on all day. Check out how to keep oily eyelids at bay.

This is the next best thing to not wearing any foundation. It’s weightless on the skin, looks natural, adapts well to different skin types, and is great for the skin.

If you’re curious about other foundation types, find out which one is best for your skin.

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