Best Free Online Dating Sites 2021 To Make New Acquaintances

Best Free Online Dating Sites 2022 To Make New Acquaintances

Dating sites were practically born with the advent of web 2.0. Facebook itself was born for this purpose, and looking for new friendships and possibly new loves is the primary need of every person. Until 20 or 10 years ago, joining a dating site was done by a few people today. It is the rule, but many of these sites are paid and very expensive; that’s why we made this list of dating sites free: to give everyone this chance.

After years of preconceptions, many myths have finally been dispelled. Whether they are for new relationships or superficial friendships, sites and apps to meet new people have become effective ways to defeat loneliness. By discovering the best free online dating sites, you will find solutions suitable for everyone, albeit with different functionality. Which ones are they?

Dating Sites, The World Situation

According to Istat 2018 data, about 33% of the world live alone, but driven by curiosity and the desire to try something new, they frequent dating sites or apps to meet people or, if desired, look for a soul mate. It is a growing phenomenon, which, especially in the world, has been 64% since 2010.

According to research by the British company YouGov, it emerges that by 2020 35% of the world will declare that they use or have used a dating app or site, of which 43% are men against only 28% of women. Even among digital natives

 under the age of 18, there are 57% of users, while the percentage of subjects between 30 and 44 years old is close to 50% and over 65s looking for online companies are over 10%.

Finally, regardless of sexual orientation, it is estimated that about 30% of relationships arise thanks to a dating site in the world. Opportunities to get involved, especially for the shy and introverted, who find ways to open up and overcome their fears, while it is another way to get out of their schemes for the more cheeky.

What Are The Best Free Online Dating Sites ? 7 Names To Keep An Eye On

Dating sites and apps have been at the center of controversy and preconceptions for years due to abnormal behaviors or related to purely pleasure activities. Still, thanks to the digitization that the world is experiencing and the virtual contact that gradually replaces the real one, they have become useful tools to strengthen one’s sphere of knowledge following in the wake of Facebook.

For A Correct Evaluation, It Is Necessary To Consider:

  • Target audience, with relative age, sexual orientation, and interests
  • Functionality, whether they are chats, matching systems, and usability from site or app
  • Usability, depending on related services and price ranges

Considering the best free online dating sites in the world, it should be remembered that you can have variable usability: if registration and use are completely free, some advanced features can be paid for, with different amounts, with methods similar to freemium video games. However, all are also available through Android and iOS apps.


Lovepedia platform was born in 2012; until 2016, it was the Best Site of the Year in the dating category for four consecutive years. Lovepedia is a completely free online dating channel, which does not provide any premium account or extra features: every aspect is fully usable with a simple registration.

Like many other platforms, it allows you to check the reliability of each account in order not to run into fake or scam profiles, as well as offering functions such as chats, affinity scores or love points, virtual credits to give gifts to people with whom you want to—having conversations. If the website looks dated and not very usable from mobile, it is also available from the app.

Finally, a notable weak point is numerous advertising banners, with monthly or once-off subscriptions to disable them.


A platform developed in 2012 in the United States by the startup of the same name, Tinder is mainly available through an app (registration can only be done from the app), while the website offers fewer features and is unable to use the geolocation.

Its greatest strengths are speed and ease of use: after creating a profile with photos, a brief biography, and the most important interests, you can quickly scroll through profiles with elements in common, transmitting interest and disinterest in them; only profiles that have had mutual interest will be able to text each other.

Like other sites and apps, Tinder also adopts the free business model, offering basic services to everyone and others dedicated only to Gold accounts, with different costs between Android and iOS.

Best Free Online Dating Sites 2021 To Make New Acquaintances


Site born in London in 2006 with the slogan I am here, is included by the American company Alexa among the 1,000 most visited sites globally. Badoo is a multilingual platform that offers free basic features and premium subscriptions to enjoy extras, called Superpowers, which is not available to free users.

After registering with personal photo verification, you can fill in your profile with photos, videos, sexual orientation, physical and psychological details, hobbies, and passions to find new people based on these aspects. The main strength is the Radar function, to find profiles in the vicinity by activating the smartphone’s GPS or entering your location. Thanks to the app, you can make the most of its performance.

Also worth noting is the Compatibility Game, to discover a couple’s affinity with the people of their desires, and the Look-alike function, introduced in 2018 to find subjects physically similar to themselves.

Despite some limitations for free accounts, it remains one of the best free online dating sites: with Time and patience, you can get the same results that you will have immediately with a premium account.

Ok Cupid

Born in the United States in 2004, Ok Cupid is a free-to-use dating platform, recognized by Time as one of the ten best dating sites in the world in 2007. Based on a highly fair system, it allows you to have similar services even for basic accounts. To premium ones (not necessary for frequent use).

The main feature is the difference from competitors: it is particularly suitable for those who want to go beyond the aesthetic aspect and discover the psychological elements of a person, based primarily on tests and multiple-choice questions on multiple topics, from sexuality to politics passing through culture general; the results will calculate the couple’s affinity and, based on the context, the conditions for a lasting date/relationship.

With an average age of 25 years of both sexes, despite its constructive nature, the significant weakness is the number of people registered, especially compared to the greater diffusion in the United States. So unless you live in big cities, there will be a little turnover of profiles to follow.


It is one of the best free online dating sites on the net, most used by singles to find a soul mate, which also offers a good app for Android and iOS (always free).

Unlike Badoo (more structured like a social network to make new acquaintances), Meetic is an accurate linear and well-organized dating site. After a quick registration, we will start our adventure with a short survey (these are generic questions about the character, valid for the algorithm to study the compatibility, thus giving more chances to establish serious relationships). At this point, you can immediately start chatting with others or other members.

The interface is well organized: also, in this case, there is a “Shuffle” mode that shows the profiles of other subscribers who may be of interest to us (in full Tinder-style).

Signing up is simple and free; open the registration page. However, some options are usually only available to paying users and to unlock them, and you have to subscribe. It is also one of the most popular gay dating sites.


It is a dating site among the most used to find appointments (an accurate dating site) and new acquaintances. It looks a lot like competing sites and, like them, has a handy client for Android and iOS.

After a short registration, the latter presents a straightforward interface: meeting new people is accessible by clicking on the “play” or “discover” sections. For the rest, some functions are reserved for paying customers; find more information in our article: Lovoo: what it is and how it works.

A monthly subscription is required to unlock all the functions, called “Lovoo Vip” (which costs € 7.99). Parship is to start chatting on LOVOO, creating from registration on the official website. 

Adopt a boy

It is slightly different from other dating portals and is based on an exciting concept: the hunt is left to girls instead of boys. This formula has already seduced 12 million users around the world.

The service works very simply and is asymmetrical; girls and boys have different options available. The first ones preferably have to contact; the boys have to respond.

It is undoubtedly an exciting chat for guys who like to be sought out and seduced. Adopt a boy would be the recommended service (at least for its originality compared to competitors). Still, it tends to push too hard towards purchasing a premium subscription (the limitations are just too many).

If you want to give it a chance, find the Play Store and App Store app. It’s very nice also the site with a certain self-irony and sagacity is created as a sort of shop, where a girl can “buy” her ideal man model.


Among the other dating sites that we could not help but mention, Parship is explicitly dedicated to a more mature audience, aged between 30 and 50+ years. The structure of this site is specifically for those looking for stable, serious, and lasting relationships.

Unlike most of the other meeting sites, the selection on Parship is not based only on the physical appearance; to see the photos of the members, it will be necessary first of all to authorize those who request the vision and be subscribers.

The site initially asks us if we are interested in meeting men or women. It can be a limitation for bisexual people, as once a choice has been made, it will no longer be possible to change one’s preference.

Once logged in, at the first access, you will be offered a questionnaire with questions focused on what you expect and want from a relationship, with even more in-depth questions to better understand your personality. Subsequently, once this phase is over, the system will offer you the first contact suggestions.

Thanks to these tests, the system will accurately determine the affinities between subscribers, allowing us to see in detail the common points that bind us to other users every time we visit the profile of another subscriber. Everything will be represented by a graph like the one you find below.


There are also some great local websites, such as loveconfident for french people. Google your country’s dating sites.

Why You Need To Be Careful To Meeting Sites

Concluding this analysis on the best free online dating sites in the world, it can be said that their use is now part of the normality of the web, also thanks to digital progress. The customs clearance of customs and traditions linked to the past and, finally, the reduction of popular prejudices and beliefs about marital infidelity, promiscuity, or simple sexual desire. According to Sensor Tower, even in complete lockdown, the world recorded an increase in users of 46%.

However, dating environments can have some downsides that, regardless of age and type of person, you need to watch out for:

  • Sexting, exchange of photos, videos, or erotic messages, which in some cases can lead to a threat
  • Ghosting, the person you are dating virtually disappears overnight for no reason.
  • Zorbing, you get back in touch with your ex-boyfriend, especially in moments of great mental fragility.
  • Scam Love: Perhaps the worst of all. These are SCAMS TO SPILL MONEY, that is, people who use these tools to get money. They say they are in love, but they bring excuses such as being sick or financial difficulties. At that point, if a person is in love or hopes for a meeting, they will be more inclined to donate money or to lend money that they will never see back.

However, it is also necessary to remember slow dating, which is a very in-depth knowledge made of chats, calls, and video calls, which tends to postpone real meetings, however, strengthening the understanding with the person in front of you, to build something that goes beyond the short term.

On balance, if used wisely and responsibly, apps and dating sites allow you to find beautiful surprises, which concern not only a partner for life-essential but also great friendships and people that you would hardly have the chance to meet live. It all depends, of course, on the users and their goals.


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