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Bronzer 101 – How to Apply Bronzer for a Natural Summer Glow

For women that want to freshen up their summer look, the use of bronzer never gets old. But the bronze makeup technique can be tricky when trying to achieve that natural summer glow. Learning the proper techniques and tools to use can help to create a beautiful summer look or natural look for any season.

Bronzer Application Steps

Allure magazine recommends using a bronzer that is closer to a golden shade rather than a brown. Besides, apply a rosy blush to the cheeks to finish the look. This gives it a more “realistic” look. In the article “Beauty 101: Bronzer”, Allure’s Erin Quinn suggests a 5-step process to achieving a beautiful bronze glow:

  1. Test a matte bronzer on the jawline. The bronzer should look golden.
  2. Prepare the skin by applying foundation, concealer, and translucent powder to minimize oiliness. This helps the bronzer look natural in the oily spots.
  3. Use a medium powder brush and dust bronzer on the jawline and hairline in a circular motion. Then apply to cheekbones, forehead, chin, and nose using a sweeping motion.
  4. Dust the excess powder on the neck, and then blend the brush over any face areas that do not look natural.
  5. Finish with an easy makeup look or apply a rosy blush to the cheeks’ apples and finish with brown eyeliner, gold or bronze shadow, and nude lip color.

Bronzer Application Mistakes

Applying bronzer takes practice, and it may help understand the common mistakes women make when working with it. In the Allure article, “Bronze Works,” Sarah Wexler identifies the top 6 bronzer mistakes and advises on correcting the mistakes:

  1. Choosing the wrong color – do not use bronzers that are red or orange-based.
  2. Bronzer “mask” – do not apply bronzer to the entire face; only apply where the sun would naturally brighten the face, such as the hairline, apples of cheeks, and the tip of the nose.
  3. Choosing the wrong formula – use a bronzing powder instead of a gel or cream for a more accessible application.
  4. Using dim lighting – apply bronzer in natural light if possible.
  5. Applying too much – Start light and build up if necessary
  6. Too much shimmer – Choose a matte bronzer in the daytime and save the shimmer for a night time look.

Applying bronzer can be a fun way to create a beautiful natural look for summer. The key is to apply it the right way so that natural beauty shines through.

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