How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes

How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes

A mischievous toddler with a marker or an office accident can all result in ink on your clothes, which is a stain. But, even if ink gets on your shirt, it won’t ruin your outfit. Instead, following the correct stain removal procedure, your garment will appear brand new once more. So, first gently, challengingly soak them, apply what you want to know how to get rid of ink from clothes once and for all? To help you get started, here are a few pointers on how to remove ink stains from clothes.

So, What Exactly Do You Need?

What Is Needed?

  • Towels or cloths that are clean and dry
  • Use a small, shallow bowl or tub instead.
  • with a crisp, white hand towel
  • Materials
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • using rubbing alcohol as a cleaner
  • Detergent for liquid washing machines
  • Bleach based on oxygen (optional)

Before you begin, prepare yourself.

The first step is to figure out what kind of ink caused the stain in the first place. A long-lasting ink stain poses a more significant problem. Water-based inks leave stains behind. However, most methods work well with ballpoint ink. Remove washable markers, for example, and you’ll be done in no time at all.

How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes: Water-Based Ink Stains

How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes Water Based Ink Stains

Use An Absorbent Cloth To Clean Up The Spill.

Place a clean, dry towel or cloth on top of the soiled clothing and press down firmly. After rinsing the stain with water, use a clean cloth to remove the excess water. As you continue to blot, the dye will transfer to the cleaning cloth.

How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes: Detergent And Clean Up The Space

After dabbing a small amount of liquid laundry detergent on the ink stain, let the fabric sit for three to five minutes. Three or four times is about correct.

When Washing The Garment, Make Sure To Use Hot Water.

When cleaning stuffed animals, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the hottest water recommended for the fabric type. Before allowing the fabric to dry, make sure the stains are removed utterly. If there is still a stain, follow the cleaning instructions a second time to remove it.

How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes: Permanent Ink Stains

You can use Rubbing’ alcohol to get rid of tough ink stains. The liquid may help to lighten the mark even if the paint is not entirely removed. However, before attempting any other methods, see it can bleach the fabric for best results.

Conduct an Examination of the Source Material

Cleaning up the soiled item will help absorb any remaining stain. Before using it on the entire garment, run a small amount of rubbing alcohol along a hidden fabric seam. If the item doesn’t appear to be damaged, move on to the next step.

Blot the affected area with rubbing alcohol.

After applying rubbing alcohol, dab the stain with a paper towel or clean cloth. As a result, the paint will be diluted, making washing more straightforward. So, to avoid the ink reabsorbing into the towel, don’t place the garment on a wet or discolored section of the towel. Instead, place the garment on a dry, fresh selection of the towel. Once you’ve removed all of the ink, repeat the process. Remove all of the rubbing alcohol by rinsing the stained area several times.

Rub alcohol and regular liquid laundry detergent work well for removing ballpoint pen ink from clothes.

Before re-wearing, a garment, check the fabric and give it a good cleaning.

However, if the stain persists after removing it with hot water according to the fabric type, you can wash the item as usual. It can use Cool water and oxygen-based bleach to remove stubborn stains. Ensure you’re using it as directed on the package, which will include the amount needed per gallon of water. After fully submerging the garment, allow it to soak for at least eight hours. If the stain persists, repeat the procedure. Before putting the clothes out to dry, make sure the color is removed utterly.

Oil-Based Ink Stain

Ethanol, a common household solvent, works well for removing oil-based ink stains. Do you want to get your hands on some? Learn how in the following paragraphs. Aerosol hairspray, hand sanitizer, and rubber alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) contain this toxic chemical. Any of these cleaners will be able to get rid of an oil-based ink stain. Here’s how it all goes down:

Under the ink-stained fabric layer, place an old towel on a flat surface. Using a towel, put your shirt’s front and back layers so the stain can be absorbed. Make sure you do this to prevent ink and solvent from leaking through to the back.

Use your preferred ethanol product to cover the stained area completely. Before using the product, give it about five minutes to sit.

While blotting the stain with a clean white cloth, press firmly on the towel underneath the garment. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary until the stain is completely removed, adding more solvent if necessary.

Use your washing machine to clean thoroughly as usual. Before washing, dab a little detergent directly on the stain to help it stand up to washing.

Alcohol Staining Of Ink

Even though getting rid of a permanent marker is difficult, it is doable. So what to do if you don’t have a Sharpie?

Rest your garment flat on a table or counter with an old towel under it to remove the ink stain.

Remove the stain with a clean cloth after rubbing alcohol on it. After you think the stain is gone, keep blotting it with a paper towel. Amodex Ink & Stain Remover may be the answer if rubbing alcohol fails to remove the stain.

After removing the stain with laundry detergent, wash as usual.

Tips For Removing Dried-Up Ink Stains

To remove the stain, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Once your clothes were dry, you only realized the ink stain was there because you had already put them through the dryer. Use detergent and wash the item in hot water. It’s possible that you can still get rid of the deeply embedded stain. And then wait about five minutes before using it: a little hope and 1/2 cup of color-safe bleach.

Options For Removing Difficult Clothes Ink Stains

Options For Removing Difficult Clothes Ink Stains

Removing Nail Polish With A Household Remedy

Make sure to get rid of the soiled area and replace it with a fresh one. Fabrics can be ruined by nail polish remover. While the ink is being removed, pat a towel section dry with a clean cloth. If everything goes according to plan, use the rubbing alcohol to clean up any messes. Even so, it’s effective against long-lasting ink stains. Finish by rinsing the fabric thoroughly to remove all traces of the nail polish remover. First, try it on a hidden part of your clothing, such as an inner seam. Also, follow the care label’s instructions for laundering the clothing.


Pour enough milk into a large bowl or another storage container. Remove the clothing the following day and wash it according to the label’s instructions. Overnight submersion will cover the ink stain, so be sure to do this.


The best products are frequently to be found at the lowest price points. Alcohol is a common ingredient in hairspray. Hairspray will help delete the stain—this aids in the ink dissolution and stain removal process. To remove the stain, use a fresh towel and blot it thoroughly. Look for a hairspray that contains a lot of alcohol. Underneath the fabric, place a new towel. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying the clothing.

Vinegar and Cornstarch

First, use vinegar to dampen the ink stain. After that, make a paste out of vinegar and cornstarch, and work it into the fabric with your hands. Before washing the garment, allow the paste to dry completely.

To remove pen ink from clothing, try using white vinegar as a household remedy. Whatever brand of white vinegar you have in your pantry will work. Soak the garment for about 30 minutes in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. Then, dab the stain repeatedly until it disappears. To avoid setting the paint, never soak the garment in hot water. Instead, use cold water. After soaking the garment, wash it to remove the stain.

Citrus Juice in Cream of Tartar

If you have ink stains, a solution of cream of tartar and lemon juice will help remove them. All you’d have to do is combine an equal amount of each ingredient and stir well for this recipe. Apply the paste to the stain and let it sit for 3 to 4 hours before washing.


Sandpaper can be used to remove ink stains from suede clothing and shoes, which may seem strange. To remove the stain, all you need is sandpaper and a soft scrub brush. After scrubbing with sandpaper, a soft nail brush or toothbrush to buff the surface may be sufficient.

Glycerine and Dishwasher Detergent

One teaspoon of glycerine and a tablespoon of dish soap are combined. Gently dab the stained area with a moistened white cloth after soaking in the solution for a few minutes. Spend at least five minutes letting the mixture sit on the clothing before rinsing it in water.


To remove ink stains from white or colored clothing, toothpaste is an excellent alternative. Place a generous amount of toothpaste on the staining area and brush it in. Then, gently challenging rub the stain until it disappears. The stain may be more difficult to remove, in which case you can try again. When performing this procedure, be sure to use toothpaste that isn’t gel-based.

Water and Baking Soda

In addition to removing ink stains from most fabrics, a solution of baking soda and water works well. To make a paste, combine two parts baking soda with one part water. Dab the ink stain with a cotton ball soaked in the baking soda and water paste until it disappears. Use a regular laundry detergent to clean the item.

Cleansing Agents for Dry Cleaning

You can also use dry cleaning fluids that you already have in your house to get the job done. These solutions work wonders when it comes to getting rid of ink stains. To remove stains, use any of the listed fluids and follow the package directions. After blotting the stain with a cotton ball or soft cloth, wash the garment as usual.


You can also use table salt to help remove the ink stain. However, if the paint is still wet, this method will work better. To remove the stain, sprinkle salt on top of it, then dab a damp paper towel on it until it disappears. Wash the garment after removing any extra salt with a brush. You can repeat the steps as many times if the stain does not come out the first time.

Ink Stain Components: Set-In Ink

When attempting to remove ink stains from clothing, flooring, or fabric interior trim, timing is critical. The paint would be more challenging to remove the longer you allow ink to drench into the material’s fibers. In addition, the reduction method is hampered twofold if ink blemishes are heated. If you put an ink-stained jersey in the drying chamber, this is especially important to remember. The dryer’s warm air penetrates the stain further into the textile. The guidelines will help you save your ink-stained product by preventing the need to cope with permanently set-in smudges.

Suggestions For Improving Results

Do You Still Have Questions About How To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes?

If all else fails, use bleach to get rid of stubborn ink stains that just won’t come out. On the other hand, non-bleachable or colorfast fabrics should avoid using this method. If somehow the ink stain is stubborn, use a solution of hypochlorite, laundry detergents soap, as well as hot water to remove it. Allow the smeared item to sit for at least before washing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In the end, some people swear by the power of freshly squeezed lemon juice when it comes to getting rid of tough ink stains. After soaking the ink-stained clothing in lemon juice, it should be wrung out and left to dry in the sun.

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