Fake Eyelashes Get Long Lashes & Dramatic Eyes

Fake Eyelashes: Get Long Lashes & Dramatic Eyes

More than mascara, the celebrity secret to high-impact, look-at-me eyes are false eyelashes. Try them once, and they’ll become your new best friend and an absolute must-have for evening makeup, party looks, and va-va-voom dramatic eyes.

Here are a few of our favorite false eyelashes for everyday wear, glamorous eye over-the-top makeup, and precision application.

Basic Beauty: Sephora Flair False Eyelashes, $8

For a nearly-natural finish that has people asking, “Are they or aren’t they?” look for a flare shape that starts short and wings to dramatic lengths at the outside corners. Sephora brand’s “Flair,” a spikey, black lash with a natural, graduated feel, creates an elegant and classic style that’ll have everyone fooled.

These strip lashes come with their tube of adhesive, a product that’ll drive you nuts unless you follow the directions correctly: as recommended, wait 30-60 seconds after applying a bead of glue along the lash strip, allowing the adhesive to become tacky and ready for your skillful application.

High Impact Drama: Make Up For Ever False Eyelashes, $14

Whether you’re heading to a costume party or planning a late-night jive-a-thon at the local dance club, a set of extravagant lashes bordering on ridiculous are necessary. We’re talking icing your eyelashes with all of our best friends: feathers, glitter, pearls, and diamonds.

Every lash in Make Up For Ever’s line of Extravagants will satisfy a woman’s center-stage desires; the brand’s extreme spikey flared eyelashes with feather tips are our absolute fave for costume eyelashes. These professional-grade strip lashes are soft to the touch, are wonderfully dramatic, and with Make Up For Ever’s easy-to-use adhesive with a wand applicator, these diva-worthy false eyelashes are surprisingly easy to apply.

Custom Lashes: Makeup Forever False Eyelashes Individual, $14

If you want to hone the glamor and perfection of the star-studded red carpet, then you’ve got to pick up a set of individual false eyelashes. Not for the klutzy lady; implants require precise handiwork, determined talent, and a big bag of patience. Each small group of lashes is glued and applied separately, allowing you to custom create your look by either filling in sparse areas in your natural lash line or amping up your entire lash line for a perfectly intense wink.

Without the tell-tale band that hints that your false eyelashes are indeed bogus, individual lashes give the illusion of being natural while providing a spectacular finish. For reliable, long-lasting eyelashes, we put our trust in Make Up For Ever’s professional implants, which come 60 in a pack.

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