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Long hairstyles for men



A head full of hair is an indication that you are healthy and hold good genes. Then, for what reason you have to hide this charm from the world? Longer hair on men often looks so sexy and attractive, obviously, when they are well cared for. On whatever occasions you are attending, a trendy style of your hair will make you absolutely eye-catchy. Don’t you want to rock it? Just follow our ideas about the long hairstyles for men.


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Men’s Fade Haircuts


A ponytail is a simple and fast approach to style long hair for those who are busy at work. Make sure that your hair is dry enough to make a tail. Don’t brush your hair if it’s wet. Pull your hair back with a drop of serum and see them shine! You can skip this part but using a brandy serum will give your hair a shiny look that you always wanted. Now tie up the tie over twice or multiple times to hold it properly and have a dashy look. To prevent the look from being too much excessively severe or prohibitive, leave a couple of strands close to the front to fall by the face or be tucked behind ears.

Ponytail man haircut

Medium Length Side Part

In terms of the boy’s long hairstyles, this is one look that will add a bit of maturity to or a cheerful vibe. It requires a well-defined one side parting, with a larger segment of the hair kept over aside. With the latest trend on tangled hair, it tends to be a decent decision in any event, even for a formal occasion.

Medium Length Side Part

Slick Back

For boys with medium-long hair, the slick back look is so simple to do. It is an easier option than a ponytail, and the slick back also appears with a customized suit as it does with streetwear. For fine hair, a look with optimal shine is ideal and can be done by raking fingers through clean hair with a medium hold gel. Like wavy or textured hair, boys can likewise shake this look by sweeping the front part of the hair back with a mousse or pomade for a more noteworthy hold. Twists can be left generally flawless or separated slightly for a more worn-in feel.

Slick Back haircut

Man Bun

It is the most classic way of styling your long hair. Buns are in general complimenting and can be modified and altered by face shape. Brush hair back with fingers and secure with a tie, permitting a few hints to stand out for a casual allure. How high or low you can wear your bun depends on the length of your hair. For a messy man bun, slide the end of a hair-brush under the top to loosen hair segments around the face.

Man Bun Hairstyle


Side-Swept Long Hair

Are you tensed about how to manage your thick and wavy hair? Rather than keeping it all short, take a stab at allowing it to fly free. For messy curls, apply a touch of mousse or some other curl enhancer reasonable for your hair type.

Side-Swept Long Hair

Bonus video: How to Make the Most of Long Hair – Best Hairstyles for Men

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