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Shoulder Length Hairstyles


Shoulder Length haircuts for ladies are among the most adaptable as “medium” can mean such countless things! On the other hand, it’s the most common hair length. In the below discussion, you’ll discover everybody’s top choices – hairdos we collected over glancing through well-known hair and beauty online journals. There are also some new thoughts you’ll feel encouraged to try.


1.Bobbed Volume

This highlighted style is more of a variety of traditional bounces on account of the layering. It’s very nearly to the shag hairstyles, but it’s smooth and rounded, not disheveled and messy. Fundamentally, this includes only one layer of layers that sways softly over the base.

Bobbed Volume

2.Feathered Layers

Here’s a charming type of medium length hairstyles for ladies who look for a lighthearted and stylish appearance. Feathered layers reel around the head, making texture and bounce for straight hair. Hitting just beneath the shoulders, the all-one-length hurl can be separated on a side or down of the middle.

 Feathered Haircut

3.V-cut Layers

Need something light and smoother? Sloped v-cut layers look extraordinary when styled straight and will make your cut amazingly low-upkeep. If the shade seems to look somewhat dull, liven your haircut up with sandy blonde highlights blended in with a lighter shade on the top layers of your hair.

V-Cut on Long Hair

4.Wavy Angled Blonde Combover Lob

Cheeky and attractive, a medium length combover Lob is the ideal decision when you need a simple but manageable hair cut that will expose your facial structure points. The wavy ringlets can be tucked behind one ear or handily cleared up and stuck in a pompadour style.

Wavy Angled Blonde Combover Lob

5.Rounded A-Line Lob

In case you’re searching for a polished hairstyle, you truly can go for a rounded A-line bob. Keep your hair areas that are nearest to your face longer than the rest for a nice angled shape. This also allows you to cut long side bangs to outline your face.

Rounded A-Line Lob

6.Side-Parted Ash Brown Bob

Medium hairstyles for ladies look natural and sporty by having a side-parted ash brown bob. For an additional face-outlining touch, fold two or three strands behind one ear to perfectly adjust the long peek-a-boo bangs on the opposite side.

Side-Parted Ash Brown Bob

7.Swoopy Layers

Medium length haircuts regularly need well-formed layers to make a decent and smooth surge in your hair. For getting an adjusted shape, pick swooping layers that fall directly at your shoulders. You can even include highlights for some additional dimension that improves the dynamic impact from layers.

Swoopy Layers

8.Medium Shag

Layers are useful for thick locks and make a beautiful structure. Shag styles function admirably for medium length hair, radiating the appearance of chaos. Likewise, this also suits ladies who work in a professional climate and don’t like to have too short or too long hairstyles.

Medium Shag Haircut

9.Brunette Bangs

We are not telling you to leave your brunette family. Just add some texture to your brown hairstyles by highlighting the base and see the elegance.

Brunette Bangs

10.Flipped Ends

Are you searching for a style that is a bit longer? Allow your hair to remain past your shoulders and cut off your long bangs. The ends can be flipped up for a dazzling style brimming with profundity and energy.

Flipped Ends Haircut


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