Tinder Vs Pof

Tinder vs. POF – Which One To Go With in 2021?

Don’t worry if you are not well aware of these dating apps and is a complete newcomer to the dating world. Numerous dating apps are waiting for you to join and avail of the services provided by them, either without paying any charges or paying.

Pof Vs Tinder

So ultimately, choosing the right app for you can prove to be a tricky task; however, you can easily shortlist the apps by noting down the facilities and benefits provided by them and then choose accordingly. But the best and the most effective way to finalize any app is by going through all the customer reviews, reading the feedbacks, and checking the ratings displayed in the website section.

Majorly two chief dating apps are used by everybody, and they seem to enjoy it: Plenty of Fish or known as POF, and Tinder.

Even though all the dating apps may look alike and provide similar amenities, but there will always be some hidden cons behind such dating sites, so our facts and summarized views regarding Tinder vs. POF will effortlessly help you determine the most effective app for you.

Here is a brief description of both the dating apps for you:


Tinder is known as one of the majorly used dating apps in this era. It is prevalent and preferred because of the convenience provided by its swipe element. The process is straightforward and can be followed by any age group and category. It allows you to connect with only those who have the same interest and provide a chance to meet the people who have mutually liked each other using this app.

The rule is to swipe left if you pass the person’s profile, which is rejecting the person if you do not like them, and swipe right if you are interested in them and would like to talk to them. So go ahead and keep swiping until you come across that special one.

People who join these dating apps do not possess the same relevance and mindsets; some may want to search for true love, some may want to get along and know you better, and some may even want a long-term relation, depending on their nature and desires.

Tinder has proved to be a handy platform for those introverts who feel shy having face-to-face communication and sharing their feelings with others. Whatever your weakness is, there will also be one person who will compliment you and help you face all your fears bravely, it is just a matter of time to find them, and Tinder allows you to do so.

It allows you to communicate with people near you and gives you access to interact with people beyond your area. There are millions of members to look into.

Tinder is a bias-free platform that welcomes LGBTQ+ members to enable themselves to take advantage of similar services. It has the feature of connecting to other apps such as Spotify, Snapchat, and many more.

If we talked about the other side of the coin, Tinder has an inferior defense policy. There is a lack of security regarding the realism of any profile, which ultimately welcomes certain scams and frauds with honest and innocent people.

Very little information is provided on the profile, which makes it difficult to analyze. Also, the major decisions are to be made based on the users’ pictures, which makes it a bit shallow.

POF/Plenty of fish

Plenty of Fish is considered one of the ground-breaking online dating websites for singles who have the urge to find true and eternal love for them.

POF lets its user go through a free Online Personality evaluation, which helps them list down their choices and find people with similar relevance and priorities. It also has a very secure and strong privacy policy, which contains automatic sign-out if the user is found inactive for a longer time and provides ease in navigation.

Plenty of Fish is a blend of a dating website along with a matchmaker tune-up. You can also enjoy the benefit of the “Ultra Match” feature that narrows downs the top 50 most attuned and well-matched profiles for you. It allows you to search for people based on your location. POF stimulates years of experience and has a significant number of users to back up your feed daily.

Tinder vs. POF


Tinder Vs Pof


Number of customers

Considering the analysis reports of Digital Trends in 2017, POF recorded about 90 million satisfied members. Plenty of Fish is the oldest and still most popular and preferred dating app, so it is easy to rely on and believe in.

Similar site reports state that Tinder had recorded about 50 million members in 2015 and has grown its base eventually since then, but the numbers aren’t clear yet.

Intensity of usage

When Tinder was introduced, it was mainly known as a “hookup-app” instead of any dating app. It is still believed that people on Tinder usually tend to find short-term relationships and do not want to be involved in any serious relations. Tinder can be considered the best platform for people preferring hookups and avoid relations until the long-run.

On the contrary, Plenty of Fish has achieved the title of expertise in dating. People on POF are more inclined towards finding their soulmates and settling down with them eventually.

Easy establishment of a profile

Tinder allows a straightforward joining process that does not involve long questions about you, your choices, and preferences. Rather just a few photographs and a short description of you.

While Plenty of fishes do generate long questions for their customers and are extremely focused on the compatibility match.

Tinder doesn’t emphasize toning people based on their faith, maturity, or gender but Plenty of Fish digs a little deeper to provide the best suitable results for its customers.


Though you can join this website completely free and avail of the services, as it is said, nothing in life comes for free.

So does Tinder and POF; they have paid memberships for their exclusive and highly professional services.

If we talk about Tinder, there are mainly two Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold; Tinder Plus is most likely for the audiences above the age of 30 years and so. Tinder Plus allows you to disengage an unintentional swipe, change your location, and many more.

And if you opt for a Gold membership, then you are given access to the “skip the line” feature, which ultimately brings you to the top and most viewed profiles in your location and see who swiped right on your profile so further interaction.

When we talk about POF, it has a two-tier membership, which includes the gold star membership. According to this membership, you can double your chances of finding a perfect match for you. The paid membership allows you to see whether your emails were read or deleted, if your nearby profiles have uploaded more photos, and even shows you on the “Meet Me!” feature provided by POF.

Final thoughts 

Tinder can be rated as the satisfactorily emerging and most preferred dating app so far. It has millions of users who have happily found true friendship and ever-lasting love. It has reached its customers in nearly 190 countries available in 34 different languages, welcoming all sorts of age groups irrespective of their likings.

On the other hand, Plenty of Fish can be considered the first-ever dating website. It was introduced in the year 2003 in only three countries: Canada, America, and the United Kingdom. Now it has expanded its roots to 20 more countries carrying a limited customer base and popularity. Even so, it is well versed for its serious online dating and is ideal for those people who are looking for honest marriages and long-term saga.

While Tinder can be considered perfect for those people, who are fascinated by casual dating.

POF serves to be the best platform for more of a mature portion of singles, who are prevailing in their late 20s and 30s and are looking forward to settling down. POF enables its customers to take advantage of its service free of cost, which brings the ball in their court of dating apps.

Yet, Tinder has its own features and services that fulfill its worth and still have a huge customer base.

We hope our analysis has helped you choose your winner in the “Tinder vs. POF” fight!


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