How To Make Beauty Products Last Longer

How to Make Beauty Products Last Longer

According to one recent report (Beauty at Any Cost) conducted by the YMCA, women in the U.S. fork over approximately $100 a month on beauty products, which, in total, can amount to $7 billion a year. That is a great deal of money considering the harsh economic times and how that money could be better spent on preventative health care or education, for example.

Tips on how to extend the life of purchased beauty care products

  • Use standard baby oil to remove makeup. It’s exceptionally terrific for removing mascara. Dab a bit on a powder puff and gently wipe lashes.
  • Baby wipes are less expensive than makeup remover pads and just as effective.
  • Tinted moisturizer is suitable for dry skin. Add a bit to the foundation to stretch the product when the liquid foundation gets to the end.
  • Extend the life of mascara. Rather than toss mascara that seems dried up, try adding a drop of baby oil into the tube to dilute what the wand can’t release. Use the rod or a Q-tip to mix the baby oil with the product stuck to the walls or at the tube’s bottom.
  • An age-old trick that still works to get natural color into the cheeks comes from the ladies who consider using makeup vulgar. How did they achieve that healthy glow? They pinched their cheeks!
  • Blend two blush products to get a different effect. This saves on buying a third blusher. By experimenting with the two existing shades, it is possible to create varied hues of color.
  • Also, in a pinch, apply lipstick but add a dab of baby oil or tinted moisturizer. Work that into color cheeks to achieve a healthy glow.
  • Save blush and create the right look by only applying blush on the apple of the cheek. To find the apple, smile to elevate the cheeks and dab away on the rounded pouch.
  • Eye shadow substitutes are blush and bronzer products. Muted warm colors work best. Some bronzers have sparkle, and these are great for night time or special occasions.
  • Another suggestion is to use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen or a bronzer that can double as eye shadow.
  • To achieve a smoky effect on the lash line, apply a bit of mascara instead of eyeliner along each eyelid. Use a narrow brush (buy one at the handcraft counter to save more dollars) or a fresh Q-tip and gently smudge the line.
  • Save on expensive derma abrasions by substituting a handful of white sugar.
  • Buy a less expensive shampoo and splurge on a more expensive conditioner for dry hair.
  • When gray roots appear, touch them up with a hair color product sold that will not affect the hair color and claims to get rid of the gray along the hairline. The root touch-up lasts for three weeks. There are also color sticks that can be applied, but these are temporary and good for a quick-fix.
  • Nail polish that looks like it has had it can be refreshed by adding a tiny drop of nail polish remover to the bottle or mixing it with another shade.
  • To extend manicures, bring the polish from home that you currently use or purchase the same color polish at the salon or a discount beauty supply store.
  • One trick that sounds weird is to use hair spray to set makeup. Close eyes and try not to breathe in the mist, and walk into a spray. It is important to cleanse the skin thoroughly afterward.

There is no doubt that women today want to look their best. It is not surprising that even during this recession, they will continue to buy makeup and beauty products that promise to improve their image and make them feel good about themselves. Without sacrificing results, it is possible to extend the life of what they already have purchased and spend their hard-earned bucks on other necessities.


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